Supercharged Productivity: Advanced Microsoft Tips & Tricks Set for July 18

Since the pandemic, employee productivity has been a hot topic.

With team members working from home full time or partially, your boss may be thinking about how the workflow could be more efficient.

And this is your opportunity to stand out among the rest.

Jamila Brown Hairston, a leader in delivering custom technology design solutions and custom training services, will present “Tips and Tricks with Microsoft Suite (Word, PowerPoint)” on Monday, July 18, 2002, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. as part of the Federally Employed Women (FEW)’s Virtual Leadership Summit (VLS) III.

In this course, Hairston will cover advanced tips and tricks to help attendees increase their productivity and make collaboration more efficient. Attendees will also discover how to work smarter, not harder by leveraging easy-to-use shortcuts that can be used across multiple applications. The objective of the course is to help attendees enhance their skills, save time and become advanced power users.

In an article entitled “What Super Productive People Do Differently” in Harvard Business Review, avoiding your computer’s mouse can help you do more with less time. A Brainscape study found that people lose two seconds per minute of work by using their mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts—which comes out to eight days per year.

VLS III instructor Hairston is also co-founder of Cloud Tech Academy, a computer training school based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a distinctive woman of leadership in the technical industry with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering custom technology design solutions and custom training services. She has performed in various engineering, architecture and executive leadership roles, managing enterprise IT budgets for Fortune 10/100 companies. She founded her first IT consulting firm in 2004 where the core capabilities are represented by three divisions: Design & Delivery, Process Automation Services and Training.

Hairston’s key interest is to bring diversity awareness to technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Science Degree in Post-Secondary Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology. She is highly certified in the latest cloud certification platforms such as Microsoft, AWS, Google and Salesforce. She also holds various certifications in project management, web and mobile app design and additional supporting systems.

Hairston is a global innovation leader, entrepreneur and published author of her first book Master Your Destiny, which prepares readers with the step-by-step daily principles needed to obtain a full, successful life. Hairston has received several technology awards and has been recently recognized as a finalist for Woman of the Year for her community and leadership efforts in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) community.

Hairston pioneers in enterprise planning services, data migration, implementations, system architecture, training and consulting services. She also holds positions on various nonprofit boards, along with avidly serving as an ambassador to foster new STEM community developments.

As co-founder of Cloud Tech Academy, Hairston helps close the economic gap for underrepresented talent around the globe. The academy prepares students for lucrative high-valued careers in today’s digital economy and has helped to gross close to $50 million in annual salaries for her community to-date. 


FEW will host its third year of virtual training July 18 – 22, 2022, with no per diem or lodging cost required. This training program will help attendees elevate their purpose and passion for leadership and take their career to the next level. At the VLS III, FEW will provide a catalog of courses (100+ specialized courses) on various topics, including Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity, Information Technology, Project Management, Management and Leadership. All courses align with the Office of Personnel Management Executive Core Competencies (Leading People, Leading Change, Business Acumen, Result Driven and Building Coalitions). 

In addition, FEW will hold several after-hour networking events for attendees to share their thoughts and openly celebrate the many successful activities happening within FEW. The VLS III is the connection attendees need to develop their leadership skills, expand their knowledge of the greatness that diversity and inclusion bring and build a stronger partnership for a brighter future. 

The VLS III sessions were designed to target entry-level employees up to senior executive decision-makers and policymakers for both civilian and military employees. Prosperity is the goal as FEW helps attendees reach their fullest potential.   

Register today.