STEM Day Program

                                     (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

On September 22, FEW proudly presented its inaugural STEM Day Program called, “Back2STEM.” In an ever-changing technological world, it is imperative that FEW remain a part of the solution by bringing awareness of the great opportunities for women in STEM careers. STEM Day was an evolution in our training catalog and a connection for the federal agencies we represent and all those who expressed an interest in working in STEM in the federal government.  Additionally, STEM Day was possible at no cost because of our sponsors, BlueCross Blue Shield Association and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.  This day was culmination of agencies and friends of FEW who believe in the need for more women in science and the courageous ability of women and girls who explorer new opportunities in the federal government.  

Click on the video links below to view each presentation.

Simply Easy Learning

            2021 STEM Day Agenda and Links to Presentations:

Opening Session   Video

  • STEM Day Coordinator: Caronell Diew 
  • FEW National President: Karen M. Rainey
  • Sponsor: Danita Andrews, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employee Programs
  • Sponsor: NOAA – Kenneth M. Bailey, Director, Office of Inclusion and Civil Rights, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Session   Video

  • Topic: Reach Across the Stars: Journeying through the universe with women in STEM
  • Presenter: Dr. Kim Arcand, National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Virtualization Scientist and Emerging Tech Lead, NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Session   Video

  • Topic: DTRA: Understanding STEM best practices and the current disposition of careers in STEM for women
  • Moderator:  Ms. Amanda Andersen, Program Manager, RD; SMART Scholar; Women's ERG
  • Panelists:  
  • Ms. Lisa Swan, Director of Acquisition, Contracts, and Logistics Directorate
  • Dr. Ada Bacetty, Department Chief, Biological Threat Reduction
  • Ms. Diana Kuhn, Chief, Nuclear Stockpile Operations Division DIAMONDS Program Manager
  • Ms. Desiree " Dez" Prince, Physical Scientist
  • Mr. Dale Taylor, Science & Technology Manager
  • Dr. Lisa Vanderperre-Hirsch, WMD Subject Matter Expert Branch Chief, Operational Analysis Division
  • Dr. Alison Tamasi, Liaison to Australia
  • Major Anne Willey, U. S. Air Force, Team Lead Nuclear Accountability Branch, , Nuclear Enterprise Department, Nuclear Logistics Operations Directorate
  • Ms. Elizabeth "Liz" Lenox, Chief, RD-ECA Enabling Capabilities Assessments (NAG)
  • Ms. Tikinia McPhail-Calvert, Chief, Leadership & Learning Division

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Session   Video

  • Topic: FEMA: Emergency Disaster Communications
  • Presenter: Mr. Vincent R. Dumas, Operations Branch Chief, Disaster Emergency Communications Division

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Session    Video

  • Topic: Engineering, Aviation Safety, and Coastal Navigation
  • Presenter: Rebecca Shaw, LCDR,Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
  • Quentin Stubbs, PhD, Regional Navigation Manager-Texas, Consumer Affairs Branch
  • Michael Teninty, Aviation Safety Program Manager, Office of Marine and Aviation Operations

U.S. Geological Survey Session     Video   Slides

  • Topic: The U.S. Geological Survey isn’t just geology. All STEM fields are represented and we have field opportunities!
  • Presenter: Shannon Mahan, Research Geologist

U.S. Department of Transportation Session    Video

  • Topic: Career Pathways in the Federal Government & College Readiness
  • Presenter: Tammy Jones, Corporate Recruitment Manager

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Session    Video

  • Topic: Cyber Security as it Relates to the FAA
  • Presenter: Siddharth Geijj, FAA Tri-Chair -Cyber
  • Topic: Airport Engineering, Design & Construction Programs
  • Presenter: Winsome Lenfert, Deputy Associate Administrator for Airports
  • Topic: Flight Surgeon
  • Presenter: Dr. Stephen J.H. Veronneau
  • Topic: Aerospace Medical & Human Factors Research
  • Presenter: Dr. Melchor Antunano
  • Topic: Flight Technologies
  • Presenter: Jacob Powers, Program Manager
  • Topic: Environmental Engineering
  • Presenter: Vicki Ray, P.E., AMP
  • Topic: FAA Energy, Research & Development
  • Presenter: Kevin Coker, General Engineer, AFN
  • Topic: Commercial Space Transportation
  • Presenter: Michelle Murray, Aerospace Engineer, Office of Commercial Space

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Session and Closing Remarks   Video

  • Topic: Software Engineering & Analytics in relation to Health & Wellness
  • Presenter: Sheila Isbell, Division Chief, Software Engineering and Analytics Division, Information and Communications Lab
  • FEW National President - Karen M. Rainey

For more information, please contact the National President, Karen Rainey, at or the Sponsors and Partners Chair, Caronell Diew, at or call the FEW National Office at (202) 898-0994.

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