Meet the Candidates

It’s time to start reviewing the information about your candidates and use the information to make an informed decision when it comes to voting for the next FEW National Board of Directors. Each member in good standing has a right to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice starting later this month.

Voting commences on June 23, 2024 and concludes on July 22, 2024.

The FEW National Nominations Committee is offering you an opportunity to “Meet the Candidates” running for the 2024 – 2026 term on June 24, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET.

Candidate for President

Pamela H. Richards

Vision: Developing the leaders of tomorrow for a more sustainable future, while preserving FEW’s very important legacy.

My purpose and passion for seeking the position of National President is to continue to advance the mission and vision of Federally Employed Women (FEW). As a proven grassroots leader in multiple organizations, I will reach across the aisles and work with the 5 generations of members in the workplace to build a solid foundation for the sustainable future of the organization. Fully embracing the new enhanced telework environment will allow FEW to expand the organizational footprint. If elected, I will be honored to be in a position where I can direct, shape and focus on developing our organization’s growth potential further. When you are given the responsibility to lead, you are given a fantastic opportunity to positively influence the lives of many people; a responsibility I would never take for granted. I have proven results from my experience at the chapter and regional level.

Now, I am your RIGHT CHOICE for NEXT LEVEL Leadership!

Goals: As National President, I will

  • work to empower the members of FEW with knowledge and skills to enhance both their career and personal
  • development through premiere training throughout the year;
  • increase members’ knowledge of the broader issues that impact women;
  • add new revenue streams and grow the organization’s membership;
  • bring like-minded individuals and organizations together to drive the advancement of female leaders and achieve gender and diversity parity;
  • engage FEW allies to share resources, best practices, and ideas, to achieve enhanced results;
  • aggressively promote for the accelerated advancement of all women in the federal government;
  • highlight the microaggression and disrespect women leaders face;
  • create and advocate for diverse and inclusive spaces in all professional areas for women in the government.

Candidates for Executive Vice President

Khadejah M. Brown

As FEW National Executive Vice President (EVP), I would have the opportunity to significantly influence the strategic direction of the organization. This role would allow me to help shape important decisions that impact the organization's current operations and long-term success. It also offers great potential for my professional development, as I would be able to engage with cutting-edge government and industry trends, innovative organizational strategies, and complex challenges that promote growth and learning.  One major benefit of this role is the unparalleled opportunities it provides to interact with other senior government executives, industry leaders, and FEW members and stakeholders, both internally and externally. This extensive network would enhance my leadership connections with other organizations and open doors to potential collaborations and partnerships for FEW. As an EVP, I would be eager to steer the organization toward continued success and witness the tangible outcomes of leadership decisions and strategies.

From July to December 2023, I successfully balanced my volunteer service with my roles as the National Vice President for Training and the 2024 National Training Program (NTP) Chair, ensuring a consistent level of commitment. This guaranteed that FEW members had ongoing access to high-quality training and development opportunities.  This ensured that FEW members had continued access to quality training and development opportunities.  Sitting as NTP Chair was stimulating opportunity that involved planning and coordinating all event activities and overseeing service provider requests necessary for the efficient functioning of the entire event.

Adrianne Callahan

I am seeking the position of Executive Vice President to empower future leaders and enhance collaboration amongst the seasoned leadership.  FEW continues to make a formidable impact on women and men in the Federal workplace.  I will complement FEW's President with my federal leadership experience and visionary mindset  in accomplishing the mission and goals of FEW.

Candidates for Vice President for Compliance

Cherie Hinkle

FEW's mission helps to improve women's status in government and society.  With several focus areas, Complain is instrumental in gaining full equality in the workplace by monitoring government MD-715 reports, showing demographics data, and complying with policy guidelines and standards for maintaining an effective affirmative employment program, as mandated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Reports are submitted to identify barriers and the steps taken to remove them.  I gained full exposure to FEW's Compliance focus area as part of the first cohort of FEW's Mentor program, where we analyzed annual MD-715 reporting.

History shows that progress for full equality is slow.  It took 70 years to gain the right to vote—from the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention to the passage of the 195h Amendment in 1919 and the ratification in 1920, it was only by persistent and organized demonstration and tireless efforts that heralded the right to vote.

Another precursor to the rights and privileges we enjoy today is the Commission on the status of Women, established in 1962 and chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, a strong advocate for women's rights.  The Commission was tasked with assisting with opportunities for recruitment, selection,  training, and advancement of women in federal government.  Shortly thereafter Ruth Badger Ginsburg took center stage in gaining great strides by raising constitutional challenges to many of the laws that discriminated against women.

Helen J. Robinson

My name is Helen Robinson, and I am applying for the position of Vice President of Compliance at Federally Employed Women (FEW). I currently work at the Food and Drug Administration as a Program Analyst and serve as the Principal Chief Deputy Steward for the agency's union NTEU 282. In this role, I ensure adherence to our Collective Bargaining Agreement and assist employees with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process, including helping to file and assist with managing  EEO cases. My interest lies in overseeing compliance within FEW, ensuring adherence to laws related to the administration of the EEO Program and the Federal Personnel System. In my current roles, I work to ensure that both the agency and our union, NTEU 282, comply with relevant regulations by monitoring activities and providing guidance to our members. Additionally, as the Legislative Chair for our union, I leverage my knowledge and skills to support compliance efforts and align them with our chapter's goals. This experience has equipped me to contribute significantly to FEW's Compliance Program, ensuring it acts as a catalyst for changes to FEW’s National Legislative Agenda and offers members a way to track the government and Congress's performance regarding Equal Opportunity in the federal government. I am passionate about providing employees with the best possible resources and ensuring they receive fair treatment. This commitment, along with my comprehensive skill set in compliance and legislative processes, positions me as an ideal candidate for the Vice President of Compliance role at FEW.

Candidate for Vice President for Membership and Chapter Organization

Reneé Murdock

My name is Reneé Murdock. I am running for the Vice President for Membership and Chapter Organization. My experience in non-profit organizations spans over ten years in business leadership. I’ve worked for both large and small organizations, including starting my coaching and consulting business. I have held the following positions within the FEW footprint, chapter president, membership chair, fundraiser chair, newsletter editor, immediate past president, and regional representative. This experience equips me with skills essential for leadership on the FEW National Board of Directors (NBOD).

It’s an important time to get involved in Women advocacy issues. This is true even if you are not a woman. Our nation was built on democracy and within this scope it’s important we continue to raise our voice in unity on the issues that impact women. The radical changes that have taken places is because of great people like you, past and present.

I see an organization that encourages intellectual growth, critical thinking, holding one another accountable, and building lasting relationships. Women must support one another in action. It’s vital that are number one agenda is to have one voice and remain free from selfish agendas. These agendas can undermine our morals, values, and our rights as women. The success of our organizations is a shared effort. We prioritize what truly impacts and empowers us. We must be prepared to not shrink back, but stand tall on FEW’s initiatives.

As a candidate, I am focused on developing our membership to

  • grow in unity
  • model the values of FEW
  • build lasting relationships

We must protect our rights from bias and hidden agendas.

My slogan is simple: Our Membership - Standing Tall in Unity. Your support June 5 – 30, 2024 will help shape a bright future for our organization and our community.

Candidate for Vice President for Diversity

Vikki Williamson

In understanding the purpose of FEW’s Diversity Program; if elected, I would like to work with federal agencies to ensure equal opportunity and fair treatment is fostered for all persons, regardless of race, disability, veteran’s status, or participation in protected activities, along with raising awareness that promotes the understanding of our country’s diversity, in order to determine how federal agencies can better service the American people.

As a person who believes in diversity based on some of my experiences working in the field of information technology for the last 20+ years, I have a unique perspective as it relates to diversity, equality, and fairness in relationship to career advancement.  To further the cause of diversity, I believe that it is very important to introduce girls to careers in STEM as those career paths are still underrepresented. I’ve spent time giving presentations on working in a STEM position at the Federal Government level, along with practicing safety on the Internet, and being mindful of your on-line presence.

I plan to examine demographics of the federal workforce including age, race, sex, ethnic background, religious affiliation, disability, and sexual orientation. I will work with the National President and Vice President for Training to develop programs, both virtually and in person to raise awareness and further the purpose of FEW’s Diversity Program. Some of the special emphasis programs will include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, The Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, Asian American & Pacific Islander(AAPI) Heritage Month, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, American Indian Alaska Native Heritage Month, and Veterans Day. I will also promote Diversity prior to and during each National Training Program.

Candidate for Secretary

Lashana Sims

I am seeking this position to help the National President organize and adequately record the meeting minutes because it is essential and viable for the organization to have proper meeting minutes. Meeting minutes reflect how the organization works and capture the organization’s business. I also want to ensure that things are kept in the correct order. I also feel that the secretary has a vital role in the organization because the secretary is supposed to be the president’s missing hands and eyes. Because you must keep the president on point and ensure they have the tools they need to run the organization properly, the president often relies on the minutes that have been taken to make sure they are making the correct decisions on business.

My vision for this office would be to relieve the president from trying to do all meeting agendas by compiling reports needed for all meetings. That way, the president can focus on other issues dealing with the organization instead of trying to pull together agendas, meeting notes, and sending cards to the military troops around the country. I would also like to see if we can implement some community outreach activities on the secretarial side of the house. I want to develop a database or a system that will send out automatic messages when a report is due and track when the reports have been submitted.

My goal is to ensure no wait time for meeting minutes, agendas, or activities that must come before the organization’s body. I would like to establish some ground rules for the body that will help move everything along properly. I want to establish a working relationship with the president and other officers of the organization. I want everyone to know that they can depend on the secretary for anything.

Candidate for Treasurer

Althea Sprosta

I am seeking the position of Treasurer to ensure the financial assets are adequate to sustain the stability and growth of the organization.  My vision is that the organization is fiscally responsible at the national, regional, and chapter levels.  The following are my goals in support of this vision:

Goal 1: In accordance with the NPPM, oversee the receipt and disbursement of all funds, with the approved annual budget.

Goal 2: Supervise receipt of all bills for payment.  Review and approve invoices and accounts payable register.

Goal 3: Monitor monthly financial statements with actual income and expenditures.

Goal 4: Work with the Vice President of Membership and Chapter Organization regarding membership dues collection.  Work with the National Training Program (NTP)/ National Even Chair regarding NTP/Nation Event registration payment collection.

Goal 5: Collaborate with the Finance Chair and the accountant to ensure compliance with annual audit and filing requirements.

Candidate for National Nominations Officer

Charlotte Becker

My reason for seeking this position is to focus on talent acquisition, education, and preparation in order to have more candidates step up to run for FEW National elected positions.  I am dedicated to the growth of FEW by ensuring there is early interactions among Regions to begin early encouragement and discussion with FEW future leaders.  The purpose of these discussions will be for members to learn about leadership opportunities that can help with the necessary experience to run for FEW National, Regional, or Chapter office.  My goals are to prepare a timely plan for nominating, balloting, and tabulating of FEW membership votes.  I will work with the National Nominations Committee members to present an official slate of candidates and notify the FEW membership of the election results.

Election Timeline

Election Plan Deadline Date
1 Canvas Federally Employed Women’s membership for qualified nominees at least 100 days before the Annual Membership Meeting Previous three (3) years membershipMember in Good Standing April 27, 2024
2 Nominees must submit to the Nominations Officer a completed nomination packet for the desired NBOD position to  NLT 5:00 PM ET June 7, 2024
3 The Nominations Officer will notify candidate of eligibility or non-eligibility to run June 10, 2024
4 The Nominations Officer will send e-blast message to all FEW members with a link to all candidates’ promotional information from the website June 20, 2024
5 Voting Begins June 23, 2024
6 Meet The Candidates Forum June 24, 2024
7 2024-2026 FEW National election closes July 22, 2024
8 Candidates are notified of election results July 24, 2024
9 Announcement will be sent to all FEW members notifying them of the results from the election July 25, 2024
10 Installation of the newly elected National Officers will take place at the 55th NTP or NTE August 2024

As a member of FEW in good standing, the Election Committee will email an electronic ballot for this election on or about June 23, 2024. Be sure to read the instructions accompanying the ballot carefully before voting. If you need a paper ballot, please email to request one.

Nominations Chair:
Tameika Roland:

I appreciate your commitment to this prestigious organization.