FEW Video Archive

"One thing we know for sure is that progress will never stop, change will always come, we can only live one moment at a time and FEW’s legacy will stand for eternity.

― Karen Rainey, FEW 24th National President


A Video History of FEW

Allie Latimer

Daisy Fields

Esther Lawton

Dr. Priscilla Ransahoff

Janice Mendenhall

Mae Morris

Dorothy Nelms

Marylouise Uhlig

De Burton

Marie Argana

Freda Kurtz

Dorothy Spinks

Jean Christiansen

Carolyn Kroon

Janie Taylor

Dorothy Nelms

Jeanette Miller

Jenifer Bungert

NTP 2013 – Passport to Career Success

Rhonda Trent

Sue Webster, 2017

Patricia Wolfe

Michelle Crockett

Marylouise Uhlig, 2017

Jean Christiansen, 2017

Mae Morris, 2017

Allie Latimer, 2017