FEW Foundation for Education and Training

The FEW Foundation for Education and Training (Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity 
focused on helping women enhance their careers through education and training. 
It is the charitable arm of FEW and was established in 2005.


The vision of the FEW Foundation is to empower career advancement and leadership opportunities through education and certification.


The Foundation plays a supportive role to equip members to succeed, such as enhancing FEW members’ career advancement through education and training, and providing opportunities for professional growth through leadership development, mentoring, and networking.

Educational Partnership


The FEW Foundation partners with Ed2Go online, who offers a wide range of highly interactive courses that can be completed entirely online! Ed2Go courses are led by instructors who are experts in their field and are frequently nationally known authors. The online courses are affordable, convenient, and geared for success. Ed2Go classes include numerous instructor-led online courses, such as Project Management, Computer Skills, IT Certification, Leadership, and Healthcare certifications.

Visit http://www.ed2go.com/fewed/ to register for a class and enhance your career by taking a beneficial online class.

Scholarships for Regions and Members

The Foundation participates in regional and national outreach efforts by offering scholarships throughout the year for Regional Training Programs. We also offer a Past Presidents Tuition Scholarship at the National Training Program (NTP) or Virtual Leadership Summit (VLS) events.

RTP Scholarships are available annually for each of FEW’s 10 regions. Once a region has secured a date and location for their RTP, they should contact the Foundation’s president for complete details.

The Past President’s Tuition Scholarship is awarded at the NTP or VLS events. Information for these scholarships is provided on FEW’s Awards webpage.

If you are interested in contributing to help others advance in their careers… We invite you to make a donation
to the FEW Foundation for Education and Training in support of FEW’s members.

Contact the FEW Foundation President, Cindy Higgins, with your questions at fewfoundation@few.org.