FEW Foundation

 Great News FEW members, family members and friends!

For 2014, the FEW Foundation for Education and Training (www.fewfoundation.org) is promoting a more convenient option for donations. Due to the Nations Capital Area Combined Federal Campaign (NCACFC) limiting donations to only DC Metro area members, the Foundation has responded to several member inquiries with a PayPal process for submitting electronic contributions, which also allows monthly recurring donations. Anyone from any Region of the country, can now donate directly to the Foundation using the PayPal link from the Foundation’s website. All donations are 100% tax deductible, and each donor will receive an “in-kind” donation letter for your records. The recurring monthly donation option also provides similar flexibility as the payroll deduction offered by the CFC, with the added benefit of year-round access nationwide.

Donate TODAY, and support the FEW Foundation’s efforts to continue offering free training, webinars and scholarships to FEW members and families.

Visit www.fewfoundation.org and make a difference!


Contact the FEW Foundation  President, Chazara Clark-Smith, with any questions and requests for additional information at fewfoundation@few.org.