Federally Employed Women

Our Focus

FEW’s organization is three-tiered and consists of National, Regional, and Chapter levels. All three tiers work together to fulfill the goals of FEW’s four major program areas:


Helping to ensure:
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • EEO Laws
  • Civil Rights
  • Working relationships with federal departments and agencies
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Because minority women have historically suffered the double discrimination of sex and racial/national origin, FEW recognizes the need to establish a policy that promotes better understanding and recommends change to meet the needs of minority members.
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FEW supports the premise that analysis of proposed legislation designed to eliminate discrimination against women employed in government should receive top priority. However, it is increasingly important to support legislation that affects the status of women as a class, whether or not federally employed.
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The educational policy of FEW is to fulfill the purposes stated in Article II of the Bylaws through:
  • Research and development of appropriate programs and materials
  • Promotion of the effective use of such programs and materials.
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Our Training

Improve Professional and Leadership Skills While Advancing Workplace Marketability

The FEW Foundation for Education & Training

The FEW Foundation helps women enhance their career opportunities through education and training.

The Virtual Leadership Summit III

FEW’s Training Program refers to the teaching and learning activities carried on for the primary purpose of acquiring the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes needed for advancement of career goals.

Regional Training Program

FEW offers stellar training opportunities right in your neighborhood. Be sure to keep checking for additional information!


FEW offers online training and presentations of interest for the federal government community.


The FEW Scholarship Programs provide an opportunity for deserving individuals to participate in the National Training Program.

Karen Rainey

Message from the FEW PRESIDENT

Another historic success for women. Finally, Equal Pay for Equal Work

Today marks another historic milestone in women’s history. The US Soccer Federation reached an agreement to pay its men's and women's teams equally, making the American national governing body the first in the sport to promise both sexes matching money. There are many accolades to be given for this historic announcement, including the US Soccer Federation men. But it means so much more to Federally Employed Women. For 54 years, at the forefront of our legislative agenda is “Equal Pay for Equal Work” and now we can say that we have taken one huge leap forward.

FEW send our congratulations to the women and men of the U.S. Soccer Federation for daring to dream and work together towards equality.

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