Employee Thrift Advisory Council (ETAC)

FEW is an active supporter of the Thrift Savings Plan, also known as the TSP. Introduced in 1986 as part of the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act, FEW believes that each federal worker should have a plan for retirement years. TSP gives federal workers the opportunity to invest in a tax-advantaged account for retirement, similar to a 401(k) plan. Just like a 401(k), TSP contributions can be taken straight out of your paycheck, and you can invest that money in a variety of different funds. FEW shares strategies and details of investment activity directly from the Employee Thrift Advocacy Council (ETAC) quarterly meetings.

To contact a TSP representative for questions:

ThriftLine: 1-877-968-3778 (toll free) (M – F) 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., eastern time
International: (404) 233-4400 (not toll free)
For ETAC Address and other ways to connect, visit https://www.tsp.gov/contact

Set up your new login to My Account

If you haven’t already, you need to complete a one-time process to set up a new login to the new My Account on tsp.gov, even if you set up access before June 1, 2022. This means you need to create a new username, password, and ThriftLine PIN to access your account. (Login credentials you set up prior to June 1 will not work.) You’ll follow step-by-step prompts to verify your identity, update your contact information, and set up your account security.

Once you log in, you’ll find a redesigned My Account that includes the following:

  • More transactions you can complete entirely online using your electronic signature.
  • A new fund transfer option that allows you to move money from a specific fund(s) to another specific fund(s) without affecting the rest of your account.
  • A Secure Participant Mailbox for you to receive secure, personalized account communications.
  • Expanded TSP support from our new virtual assistant, called AVA, which will give you customized answers to your questions 24/7 or connect you to a ThriftLine Representative through live chat during business hours.
  • Personalized tools like the Retirement Income Modeler that can help you set savings goals.

Start the process on tsp.gov by selecting Log in.

Learn more about these features and other changes available to you now by visiting tsp.gov/forward.

A reminder that TSP participants can sign up for TSP webinars at www.tsp.gov/webinars. Join our education specialists for deep-dive sessions on TSP topics that matter most.

For more information, please contact the Special Assistant for ETAC at ETAC@few.org .