NTP Leadership Track: Powerplay Pivots Work

True leaders don’t panic—they pivot.

Pia Scott, a Senior Advisor at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), will address the topic of leadership resiliency during the Federally Employed Women’s (FEW) National Training Program (NTP) in Columbus, Ohio from July 10-14.

With her expertise in change management and human capital, Scott will lead  the workshop— Resilience: The Power of the Pivotthat informs participants about the importance of bouncing back quickly from failure. This experience will be an insightful, interactive, and fun workshop teaching participants strategic and tactical approaches to leveraging failure. Three major highlights in the workshop will include self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-actualization.

Resilience: The Power of the Pivot will be held Monday, July 10 from 1:00-2:30 P.M. Register Today because only 40 seats are available. (Not a member? Click here.)

Pia Scott is a self-proclaimed “Innovation Visioneer”. A former Presidential Management Fellow, American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) Partners Fellow, and Chief of Staff of the Presidential Transition Support Team, Scott leads cross-functional high-performing teams and cultivates synergistic partnerships across Government and industry to create elegant solutions. Her entrepreneurial spirit and focus on what really matters empowers, inspires, and motivates people to achieve the seemingly impossible.

FEW’s NTP offers more than 110 classes in five tracks that include professional development, office technology and administration, leadership and culture, employee experience, as well as mindfulness and wellness. All courses align with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Core Competencies (i.e., leading people, leading change, business acumen, result driven and building coalitions).

Also register today for other courses in the Leadership and Culture track:

  • Leadership Versus Management. Monday, 7/10 from 10:00-11:30 A.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) This leadership training course is designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for their new challenges and responsibilities. Attendees will discover the heart, soul and mind of true leadership and explore leadership roles as strategist, change agent, coach, manager, communicator, mentor and team member. (Leadership and Culture 1305)
  • Organizational Excellence – Lead with Passion, Power and Purpose. Monday, 7/10 from 10-11:30 A.M. Register Today—only 36 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) This highly interactive course taps into organizational excellence, best practices found in positive psychology research. The material will be shared in an engaging, story-based, information packed session. This course is designed to inspire, challenge, and ignite the desire for self- improvement, contribute in new and innovative ways, facilitate change, increase organizational effectiveness, and cultivate an environment where inspiration, creativity and people flourish. (Leadership and Culture 1316)
  • Creating a Conflict Management/Conflict Resolution Culture. Tuesday, 7/11 from 8:00-9:15 A.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) Receiving informal and formal feedback is amazing. It can be structured to provide effective and lasting impacts on your work. This session will help participants learn why the way we deliver feedback is important. Effective communication skills are a way to improve morale, have clear expectations and improve performance. Benefits will include: 1) how to deliver a message that people can accept, 2) how to accept offered feedback in return, 3) learn ways to handle negative conflict while giving feedback, and 4) learn how to use these skills to give and receive effective feedback in person and in a virtual work environment. (Leadership and Culture 1301)
  • Leveraging Diversity in the Workplace. Tuesday, 7/11 from 8:00-9:15 A.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) It’s crucial for any organization to maximize the variety of perspectives, experiences and skills that people bring to their workplaces to increase productivity and performance. But bringing people together from various backgrounds presents both great opportunities and some difficulties for organizations. In this session, we’ll talk about how organizations can gain from fresh viewpoints if they can bring people together around a shared set of principles and objectives. (Leadership and Culture 1303)
  • Leader Self-Care: Avoid Burnout, Increase Productivity, and Integrate Work- Life. Tuesday, 7/11 from 11:00 A.M. – 12 P.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) Many leaders remain resistant to the whole idea of self-care, no matter how beneficial it may be. Resistance often originates from feeling that self-care is a sign of weakness, there just isn’t enough time in the day, it’s selfish to take time out, or the whole concept is too “new age-y” for them. The reality is that leaders who actively practice healthy work-life integration and balance and take time to refresh themselves are more innovative, focused and productive than their counterparts who refuse to step away from the desk. Learn how to identify the signs of impending burnout and how the concept of self-care can work in your favor to make you a better, stronger leader and an example to those who follow you. Moreover, discover concrete strategies to incorporate simple self-care practices into your daily routine. (Leadership and Culture 1304)
  • Integrity-Based Leadership. Wednesday, 7/12 from 8:00-9:15 A.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) Dr. Sherrie Johnson will discuss the importance of being an authentic leader in the workplace. An authentic leader is open, honest, transparent and communicates well with employees. Being an authentic leader creates better employee job performance. She will also discuss research on authentic leadership in the workplace. (Leadership and Culture 1318)
  • Importance of Communication in Leadership. Wednesday, 7/12 from 9:30-10:45 A.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) The training will discuss the importance of leaders communicating effectively with employees and providing ways to accomplish this goal. The training will also discuss effective ways to communicate. The course will cover several scenarios as well as a question-and-answer session. (Leadership and Culture 1327)
  • Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce in Times of Change. Wednesday, 7/12 from 11:00 A.M. – 12 P.M. Register Today—only 36 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) Leading teams in an organization in the best of times can be a challenge; having members of five generations does not make the job any easier. From leading teams to developing individual contributors, how are organizations maximizing their talent base? In this lively interactive discussion, our panelists will share challenges and best practices their organizations use to create leadership opportunities for a multi-generational workforce. (Leadership and Culture 1306)
  • Ethical Leadership. Wednesday, 7/12 from 1:15-2:30 P.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) The training will discuss the importance of being an ethical leader and the pitfalls when there is a lack of respect for leadership. The course will explore scenarios from research and interviews with employees. There will also be a question-and-answer session. (Leadership & Culture 1307)
  • Leadership Agility. Thursday, 7/13 from 8:00–11 A.M. Register Today—only 40 seats. (Not a member yet? Click here.) Leadership agility is the ability to take effective action in complex and rapidly changing conditions. This concept is introduced and developed to teach leaders core focus areas and specific skills to be more effective in today’s dynamic work environment with increasingly diverse employees. The six core skills increase participants’: 1) capacity to inspire others, 2) ability to provide feedback and coach to desired outcomes, 3) ability to flex behavior based on the needs of others, 4) capacity to deal with conflict, 5) ability to operate outside of personal preferences, and 6) ability to identify and assess performance. (Leadership & Culture 1324)

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