The Grassroots of FEW: How the VP of Training Lewis-Baltimore Evolved

Former VP for Training, Kaya Lewis-Baltimore experienced a self-awareness “Ah-Ha” moment in 2012. This shift in thought gave her a new perspective. She reflected, “Sometimes, changing your life is about changing your mindset.” Lewis-Baltimore realized she had a vibrant career path in front of her and began to take ownership of it by earning a college degree, completing the Administrative Professionals Excellence (APEX) Program at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and taking advantage of various detail opportunities.

In 2015, she attended her first  National Training Program  (NTP) hosted by
Federally Employed Women (FEW). “I believe in FEW’s mission and what it
stands for.” As a result, she quickly joined the organization and became a force for change at the USPTO. Lewis-Baltimore co-founded the Bright Knights Chapter in October of 2015; the successful launch propelled her Federal and FEW careers.

Lewis-Baltimore emphatically stated, “It’s not about what FEW can do for you, it’s about what you can do for FEW.” She used FEW’s platform to rebrand herself by gaining confidence and pushing beyond her comfort zone. Through FEW, she has cultivated new skillsets that have proven valuable in her career. She encourages members to volunteer and lead programs. “I developed essential skills such as project management, event planning, public speaking, and the ability to network with prominent executives throughout the federal government and private sector.”

She deeply believes, “What you put in FEW is what you will get out of it.” Her gifts of building new relationships and motivating others led her to recently win FEW’s prestigious Allie Latimer Award. This overall achievement award recognizes an extraordinary grassroots effort working
to achieve FEW’s mission. Latimer was the first women and the first African American to serve as general counsel of a major U.S. federal agency. To bring federal government into compliance with the Civil Rights Act, she founded FEW.

In her 2018-2020 term, Lewis-Baltimore held three concurrent positions in all three-tier levels at FEW. She served as the Immediate Past President of the Bright Knights Chapter, Regional Representative for the D.C. Metro Region, and National Vice President for Training. Presently (2020- 2022). She continued to serve as the Vice President for Training (2020-2022) and served as the National Training Program National Event Chair of 2022. In addition, she also served as the Training and Education Chair for the Bright Knights Chapter (2020-2022).

During her journey with FEW, Lewis-Baltimore reestablished or created new programs that continue to advance the careers of countless Federal employees:

  • In 2017, she co-developed the Administrative Support Empowerment Program for non-supervisory positions GS-3 to GS- 12 at the USPTO to assist employees in taking charge of their professional careers. The program, which started as a pilot, has helped more than 250 employees to date.
  • In August 2018, her idea to celebrate Women’s Equality Day with an outdoor rock concert received national recognition and an achievement award.
  • She expanded the FEW National Shadow Program, which engaged more than 30 participants and gained five new members. “One of Kaya’s gifts is that she is a good trainer,” says Shabiki E.C. Clarke, VP for Congressional Relations. “She sees certain things to bring out of everyone. She gets the best out of people.”
  • In February 2020, she orchestrated a homebuyer workshop to empower and promote the message that federal employees can afford purchasing a home at almost any Federal pay grade level.
  • In July 2020, she volunteered to lead FEW’s first Virtual Leadership Summit. The online forum generated more than 900 attendees. She received praise from the National Board of Directors, the D.C. Metro Region, and her peers.

Lewis-Baltimore plans to remain active on all levels to help move FEW, its mission, and herself forward. “At each level, you learn more about yourself and the people you serve,” she adds. “The mission is still relevant and so am I. We need to blazing trails for others.”

About FEW

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