September is Healthy Aging Month

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Healthy Aging Month has been observed for over 20 years. Its purpose is to provide inspiration and ideas for those ages 45+ for physical, mental, and financial well-being. We’re not just talking about baby-boomers anymore – The first of the Generation X-ers reached the age of 50 in 2015!

It may be time to re-invent yourself – is there something you’d like to learn more about? An athletic goal you would like to try? A new business you would like to start? Somewhere you’ve been hoping to travel? Go for the rejuvenation that comes with positive measures to enrich your life.

Here are some suggestions to re-invent yourself this September:

1. Do Not Act Your Age – Don’t accept ‘expectations’ about your age – be the age you want!

2. Be Positive

3.  Ditch the Negativity – surround yourself with positive people

4. Walk Tall – Find the best, most comfortable and supportive shoes and walk with confidence

5.  Stand Tall – Do what your mother told you and stand up straight!

6. How are your teeth?  – Good oral health is a big part of overall health – visit your dentist regularly. Also, consider teeth whitening for a younger look!

7. Lonely? – Pick up the phone, landline, or cell and make a call to do one or more of the following:  Volunteer your time, take a class, or invite someone to meet for lunch, brunch, dinner, or coffee. 

8. Walk 10,000 Steps A Day – Good for your health, your mental well-being and a good way to see your neighbors!

9. Exercise – Yoga and Tai Chi are excellent ways to improve your balance and agility.

10. Mental Acuity – Games and puzzles are great ways to actively exercise your memory.

11. Diet – Eat a well-balance diet for digestive and heart health.

12. Get Your Annual Check-Ups – See your doctor at least annually and keep up with health screenings.

13. Find your inner artist – Music? Art? Woodworking? Crafts? All wonderful ways to add richness to your life.

14. Get plenty of sleep! It’s never too late to take a pro-active approach to aging! This September, try a few new things to enrich your life and improve your health.


Healthy Aging

September – Healthy Aging Month

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