Your Vote is Your Voice! Make your vote count.

thisvote voice

It’s time again to take the most basic action in a democratic society. It’s time to vote.  It wasn’t too long ago that women had no voice and thus no right to vote.   It is important to not take this opportunity to define the direction of this country.  So, why should I vote?    You should vote because voting it is a fundamental process and right of yours to decide of who best represents you.  Voting keeps our system of  democracy and leadership working on our behalf.  Through the elections process, you have the ability to decide on what is important to you in this country and FEW.

FEW’s National election process is going on now.  Every member of FEW has a right to vote in this election.  You have a choice to determine the direction of FEW and who will represent you.  FEW is only as strong as our membership voice.  Show your confidence and speak up.  Let your voice and vote be heard  by casting  a ballot for the nominee’s that best represent you.

As National President, I don’t take this process lightly.  It was just two years ago that you elected me into office.  So, I know how important it is to make informed decision.  You have the right to email any candidate with questions that will help you make the right decision for FEW.  I congratulate the candidates for wanting to share their talents and wanting to represent you.  This is your time to make a choice that benefits FEW and you.

Equally as important is the national election happening this year in the United States of America.  As federal employees, we know how important this decision is.  There are several legislative actions that have negatively impacted federal workers benefits, retirement, pay and employment.  Reading up on the issues, the candidates, and researching the ballot is also the responsibility of the citizen voter and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly, because it is your voice, with the many others, in unison, that can change the direction of a community, state, nation, and even the world.  Do your homework and help the candidate that helps you.

On Election Day, you will not only be able to select your representatives in government for the next term, but, they often have the ability to decide on measures that impact you; like bond issues that grant the government permission to borrow money for keeping the government open. And, you can cast your ballot on social issues such as allowing same-sex marriage or neighborhood assistance programs that help libraries and provide resources to the needy.

With a government elected by its citizens and that effects every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to homeland security, voting is an important right in our society. By voting, you are making your voice heard and registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate. Enough voices in unison can elect someone to office, reaffirm or even change the course of our government and FEW.

Ballots for FEW’s National Election will be distributed via electronic ballot soon and our National, State and local elections are this November.  You have a right to let your voice be heard, remember to VOTE.