Job Site Improvements Could Improve Applicant Pool

OPM is touting revisions to the USAJobs site, the main portal for applying for federal positions, as encouraging job-seekers to stay with the process to the end, potentially raising the quality of the applicant pool that eventually reaches hiring managers.

“The research OPM conducted found that the job application experience in USAJOBS could be confusing, difficult, and frustrating for applicants, driving some to abandon their applications,” the agency said. “The revised job application features are designed to clearly communicate the steps applicants are expected to complete, and then guide them through building a completed application package that they can seamlessly transfer to an agency for final submission.”

OPM said its goal was to create a simpler and more user-friendly application experience, similar to that of many non-governmental job sites.

Key features include allowing applicants to track the progress of their applications; check on required documents without leaving the application; save progress on an unfinished application; add or delete resumes or other required documents; and review the application at the site before submitting it to the hiring agency.