Priscilla Moultrie Adds Flair to FEW’s NTP & More

Priscilla Moultrie is a magnetic force of energy and she is harnessing her professional superpowers to bring swag and flair to Federally Employed Women’s (FEW’s) National Training Program (NTP) events and networking operations.

As the 2022 FEW Awards Chair, Priscilla revamped the annual awards ceremony, giving the audience a jolt of excitement. She ingeniously staged her own rendition of a popular television variety show, which introduced the country to “The Robot” and a unique take on “line” dancing. For one special evening in 2022, FEW’s premiere event—the NTP—and its National Awards Program were the “hippest trip in America.”

That’s how Priscilla likes to get things done. She is motivated by an inspirational bit from comedian Steve Harvey, who says every successful person (at some point) must risk their comfort zones and “jump,” if they want to “live-out” the full potential of their talents and gifts. “You will never know what can become of your hard work, unless you take the leap to develop yourself. Continue to level up as you soar,” she says.

In 2023, Priscilla is already bringing creativity to her new role as the Special Assistant to the President for Sponsors and Partnerships. With a fresh eye for building synergies, she has identified potential partners and sponsors from different business sectors and other organizations with whom FEW may not have previously worked. While she cannot yet reveal all her secret plans for this year’s NTP and beyond, anyone who knows Priscilla knows she likes to create a big “splash.” Her fellow board members and NTP guests are anticipating her hands in helping to bring sponsors and partners together at what will be a grand and celebratory event on July 10-14, 2023, at the Hilton Columbus Downtown in Ohio.

This year’s NTP theme, “Leveling Up For Success: Ready, Set, Grow!”—is perfect for Priscilla to brainstorm and cultivate new “win-win” professional relationships among other like-minded organizations. In addition to providing premier training to Government workers, FEW is committed to raising awareness about issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. FEW provides equal access to membership, programs, activities and opportunities to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Prospective business partners and sponsors may expect personalized “Meet & Greet” sessions with FEW leadership, including Priscilla, who has been key in helping to identify fresh new faces to team up with FEW.

FEW’s National Training Program is an important annual event for its membership and guest participants. The electric five-day experience provides a lineup of more than 100 specialized courses on various topics, including Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity, Information Technology, Project Management, and Leadership. All courses align with the Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Competencies (i.e., Leading People, Leading Change, Business Acumen, Result Driven and Building Coalitions). In addition, FEW will host “After-Hours” networking events for participants to build relationships and celebrate member achievements.

Attending an NTP event is invaluable. Volunteering at an NTP is exponentially beneficial. When members “help out” with a particular session or event, they increase their existing management and leadership skills. For example, servant leaders can heighten their customer service abilities by assisting with registration or hospitality; program and project managers may choose to expand their abilities with logistics; others may choose to improve their people skills by helping in the Exhibitor’s Hall. Everyone who works behind the scenes to make the NTP a success develops professional skills and builds their resume.  

That kind of involvement has worked for Priscilla.

“Working on previous National Training Program events has helped me grow and develop professionally. Delving into leadership with the awards process opened my eyes to the importance of recognition and friendly competition among chapters,” she says. Priscilla says the role of Awards Chair broadened her “horizons with strategies related to awards and event processes, planning streams for the rollout of an exciting awards program, protocols involved with the overall make-up of the awards, and the integration of different perspectives required to execute such a major event.” This was particularly challenging in a virtual atmosphere, where contending with a global pandemic was a new and ongoing reality. “Working alongside other FEW professionals afforded her first-hand access to experts offering their cutting-edge expertise to make each National Training Program unique.” This year’s in-person celebration will bring a new set of challenges and excitement, as participants navigate returning to a live training event.

“The passion I have witnessed from board colleagues, chapters, and those who have a heart for FEW shows the love for the organization,” she says. “This is another way I have grown professionally and developed crisper skills. I have access to rooms and people I would not have, without being genuinely involved.”

Priscilla says being a FEW member taught her three things:

  1. Wise counsel and “golden nuggets” that are offered are keys to being successful. Be a sponge and absorb the continuous feed of knowledge you receive because you will use it in many facets of your journey from being a mentee to being a mentor or coach.
  2. Ask questions. Do not be afraid to inquire. This is how you gain experience and work smarter—not harder.
  3. Allow trials and errors to work for you. You will benefit from the learning and make improvements toward becoming successful.

Priscilla says FEW membership is one of the best opportunities for development, helping federal employees and contractors gain experience, grow professionally and personally while networking with people from diverse backgrounds and career levels. “Your FEW membership could lead you to other doors you have yet to open that will leave you in awe,” she says. “FEW is an incredible organization filled with countless windows of opportunities where you will find yourself taking a leap. You will land in an exciting new place! FEW is all about “Leveling Up For Success!”