August is Family Fun Month

August is….Family Fun Month! No one really knows the origins of Family Fun Month, but what better excuse to enjoy some time with your family before school starts back up!


Here are some fun ideas to take Family Fun Month to the next level!

  • Go to the movies: The newest Winnie the Pooh installment, “Christopher Robin” comes to theaters August 3rd. Celebrate this timeless classic, great for all ages.
  • Take a trip to the zoo: Whether you’re on the East Coast or near the Rocky Mountains, the zoo is the perfect day trip for the family. Check out this list of the top zoos in America and see if one is close to you.
  •  Have a backyard bonfire:This is an easy and inexpensive way to have some family fun. Make s’mores, roast hot dogs, tell ghost stories by the fire, there are countless ways to have fun in your own backyard. You could even consider having an outdoor movie night:
  • Go on a scavenger hunt:A scavenger hunt can be as simple as finding different things around the house or take it outside and explore your local mall or neighborhood. Have younger children? Split up into teams or have another family come join you for the fun! Here are some fun ideas for a mall scavenger hunt.


Other ideas could include:

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Visit a water/amusement park
  3. Take a trip to the local children’s museum
  4. Play a game of charades
  5. Run through the sprinklers (at home or at a playground)
  6. Make s’mores
  7. Put a jigsaw puzzle together
  8. Go on a treasure hunt (try a scavenger hunt at the grocery store)
  9. Play hide and seek
  10. Play miniature golf
  11. Go to the beach and build a sand castle
  12. Have a fashion show
  13. Sit down and have a sing-a-long; teach your children some of your favorite childhood songs
  14. Build an indoor fort, tent or teepee
  15. Have a water balloon fight
  16. Go to library story time
  17. Go through your childhood pictures and share a special memory with your child
  18. Make a backyard obstacle course
  19. Blow bubbles (you can even make your own)
  20. Go horseback riding
  21. Have a tea party
  22. Toss a frisbee around
  23. Cook as a family
  24. Spend an evening star gazing
  25. Go to the zoo or aquarium

Take the time to turn off the television, put away all the electronic gadgets that attract attention but discourage interaction, and enjoy one another.  Think of the memories you could create!