Congratulations 2016-2018 National Board of Directors!

Join me in congratulating the incoming 2016 – 2018 National Board of Directors for Federally Employed Women (FEW).

They will assume their positions with the installation of the NBOD on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at the Diversity Luncheon at the 47th National Training Program (NTP).

I am excited for the future and I thank these women for accepting the challenge and accepting a job of service to the membership of FEW and all feds. FEW will be stronger for their service.

Thank you!
National Elected Officers:

National President – Wanda Killingsworth

Executive Vice President – Karen Rainey

VP of Policy and Planning – Georgia Thomas

VP of Congressional Relations – Dr. Madeline Lewis

VP of Compliance – Connie Coleman-Lacadie

VP of Diversity – Jeri Peterson

VP of Membership and Chapter Organizations – Suzi Inman

VP of Training – Naomi Bell

Secretary – Gloria Sherman

Treasurer – Vanessa Elliott

Nominations Officer – Helen Robinson

Standing Committee Chairs:

Awards – Sheryl L. Coleman

Bylaws – Bernice F. Waller

Communications – Patrice Wilson

Contracts Management – Brenda Hagar

Finance – Carol D. Jones

Publications & Policy Review Committee – Judy L. Rush

Scholarships – Linda D. Patrick

2017 Chair for the National Training Program – Sue Webster

Special Appointed Committees:

IT Webmaster – Jamie Lanier

News & Views Editor – Shelly McCoy

Special Assistants to the President:

Credentials – Rachel C. Combs

Employee Thrift Advisory Council – Georgia Thomas

National Parliamentarian – Ellen E. McKenzie

Special Assistant for Federal Women’s Program – Connie Coleman-Lacadie

Special Assistant for Housing – Rachel C. Combs

Special Assistant for Military Women – Tracy Y. Marshall, MSG

Special Assistant for People with Disabilities – Jeri Peterson

Special Assistant for Outreach – Linda D. Patrick (Women’s Health and Youth)

Special Assistant for Outreach – Helen Robinson (Mentoring and Retirees)

Special Assistant for Sponsors and Partners – Adrianne Callahan

Regional Managers:

DC Metro Regional Manager Flo Alexander-Tyler

Great Lakes Regional Manager Vernell Thomas

Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Wanda Hewlin

Mid-Continent Regional Manager Joan Chopp

Northeast Regional Manager Mary Jane Diggins

Pacific Northwest Regional Manager Sharon Nelson

Rocky Mountain Regional Manager Shannon Mahan

Southeast Regional Manager Vickie Wheeler

Southwest Regional Manager LaTanya Kelley

Western Regional Manager Sandra Johnson

Congratulations to the 2016-2018 NBOD!