2016 will be a year of abundant success. Happy New Year!

I cannot tell you which is easier; the ending or beginning.  All I know is that we are again on the cusp of a New Year and I am bursting with anticipation and  excitement.  A new year is on the horizon and I’m expecting 2016 to be a year of abundant success for federal workers.  Although there were challenges throughout the whole year of 2015, ultimately, what matters is that we figured it out and found ways to manage.

Each year we take time to make our new year’s resolutions.  We try to anticipate how we are going to change our lives for the better.  But, somehow as the year progress things start to change.  We get in the rut and do what we have always done.   But, 2016 is a year of abundant success and a time to make a difference.   It’s an election year.   Change is definitely on the horizon.   Let’s take advantage of our opportunity to vote and do what’s best for us again.

Your vote is your voice.   Happy New Year!

new year