Awareness is a powerful force. It empowers us to gain meaning and work toward solutions.

October is the month with great ‘Awareness Month’ campaigns.  Awareness campaigns are great in highlighting great causes and remembering how much we can achieve together if we work to produce outstanding results.  In October alone, we recognize awareness of breast cancer, disabilities awareness, domestic violence, cyber bullying, AIDS and even Lupus. Yet as we recognize these causes we must always be caution that these are not just a good thing to mention, but our actions are in order with our words.

In a TIME magazine opinion column they say, ” ‘Awareness’ is a virus that preys on well-meaning minds. It tricks us into thinking that thought is the same as action, that acknowledging something is the same as fixing it. Awareness is a problem masquerading as a solution. … Lets raise awareness about the danger of empty ‘awareness.’ Lets spread the word about only spreading the word.”

FEW highlight ‘Awareness’ month causes with great conscientiousness.  We are 100+ local chapters strong with each taking charge in utilizing our strength to work towards positive results.  For us, “Awareness” means sending a message, getting attention, getting people to talk about the issue and work on solutions. FEW recognizes that we are our brother’s keeper and we do not walk the earth alone.  As October comes to a close and this ‘Awareness Month’ ends, I implore you to remember that  breast cancer, disabilities awareness, domestic violence, cyber bullying, AIDS and Lupus does not stop because the month is over.  We must continue to work towards positive results.