trainingFEW’s Training program has three major functions:

  • To increase members’ knowledge of the Federal system, rules and regulations under which they work;
  • To help members acquire knowledge of career development and planning techniques;
  • To enhance members’ personal effectiveness and awareness of the broader issues that impact women.

Within these broad parameters, FEW conducts a variety of training programs geared to the needs of the specific level of the organization — national, regional, or local — responsible for planning and conducting the training.

The National Training Program (NTP) is conducted annually during the month of July. The NTP is FEW’s premiere training event and offers a multitude of training topics ranging from skill building and career development to leadership training and supervisory and management techniques, from general personnel policies to specific procedures relating to sex discrimination and sexual harassment. This event also provides a unique networking opportunity for Federal employees across the country.View our NTP cyber exhibit on FEW’s History of Training Excellence.

Each of FEW’s regions sponsors at least one Regional Training Program (RTP) each year. RTPs enlarge upon training conducted at the national level that is not generally available at the local level. Chapters are in a position to tailor their training more specifically to local members’ needs. For detailed information see: FEW’s Calendar of Events.

“Training is an investment that never loses interest. It only pays dividends.” – Arlena Fitch-Gordon

Kaya Lewis-Baltimore serves as our Vice President for Training. To learn more about this focus area, contact: