Thank You for a Successful NTP!


Thank you to you all for your participation in the 48th National Training Program (NTP).  What a wonderful time we had in New Orleans!

From the largest NTP attendance since 2011, to having a stellar group of Leadership Panel participants, to having seven of our Past Presidents joining us, NTP 2017 was a huge success.


Back row (left to right): Sue Webster, Jean Christiansen, Wanda Killingsworth, Pat Wolfe, and Michelle Crockett
Front row (left to right): Marylouise Uhlig, Allie Latimer and Mae Morris

Our Opening Session started with an energetic pair of keynote speakers, Mr. Michael Murray from the Office of Personnel Management and Ms. Nancy Novak from Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC, and we were challenged to “invest in our future”.

michael   nancy

The training classes were all filled to overflowing and our first time NTP attendees were very impressed with the vast array of training from which to choose.

We capped off our NTP week with our Legislative Luncheon where Ms. Tonya Saunders, FEW’s Legislative Liaison reported on the efforts with the 115th Congress, and Ms. Carolyn Cook provided her keynote on the current status of the Equal Rights Amendment.

tonya   carolyn

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who assisted with the NTP, from registration to working the various events and facilitating classes.  What a difference you make!

Stay tuned to your email as we will be announcing NTP 2018 and its venue shortly.