Thank you for electing me as your President…

It is with great pleasure and humility that I want to thank the members of Federally Employed Women (FEW) for electing me to serve as your 23rd National President.   After 48 years of FEW “Investing in Our Future” and being the voice of women in the federal service, I cannot thank you enough for providing this wonderful opportunity – I do not take this position for granted.

I would like to especially thank Past National President, Patricia Wolfe, for allowing me to serve as a member of the National Board of Directors (NBOD) for FEW.  As I take on this new role, I also want to thank our current national board members who were elected and appointed to serve with me for the 2016 – 2018 term.

FEW has made a real difference in the advancement of women in federal service and our members are strong, passionate leaders who are dedicated to our mission.  We continue to cultivate bold and fearless women who are willing to take risks and actions that impact not only themselves and their careers, but the federal Agencies where they work.  That’s why it so important that all members do their part for the continued success of FEW.

FEW is on the frontlines and investing in yourself today is not only an investment in your success; it’s an investment in all of our future! Ultimately you are accountable for your own success and FEW is here to help you do so. Learning who you are and discovering your special gifts and capabilities will afford you a competitive edge to a flourishing career.

When I think about the investment I made in myself, several years ago with FEW, I am truly amazed with the vast amount of opportunities and blessings I have gained.  I know this was – and still is – the best decision of my life.  FEW has afforded me with the opportunity to engage in activities that  broadened my horizons.   I ascertained the ability to observe and appreciate new ideas which influenced my thinking and contributed to my professional growth.  I appreciate the skills, personalities, and character traits that contribute to this great country of the United States of America.

Throughout my career, under the guidance and support of several FEW mentors, I learned to focus on a clear line of sight in order to achieve my goals; I am forever grateful for these life lessons!  Choosing to invest in FEW was an investment in my future. I encourage all of you to do the same!

“Investing In Our Future”

Wanda V. Killingsworth