Scholarship Applications


Scholarship applications will be accepted March 16, 2014 through April 16, 2014.   The time has come for all eligible FEW members and their family members to apply for one of our NTP scholarships.

As a FEW member may I suggest you go to the National Policy and Procedure Manual (NPPM) located on the FEW website and review the qualifications for each scholarship prior to your submitting an application.   If you encounter problems with the website while applying for the scholarship, please send an email to and

I look forward to reading your application.

~ Sheryl Coleman – FEW Scholarship Chair


Note* –  If you do not receive an email confirmation, please submit again and send attachments to separately.

  •     National Training Program Regular Scholarship
  •     National Training Program Retiree Scholarship
  •     National Collegiate Scholarship Program for FEW members
  •     National Collegiate Scholarship Program for Immediate Family Members

FEW Scholarship Chair