Presidential Comments

Join us at NTP 2017!

Registration for our 48th National Training Program (NTP) is in full swing, and what a privilege we have to serve one another by participating in our four focus areas, Compliance, Diversity, Legislative, and Training, while joining together as one to share in our NTP, giving each of us the great opportunity of “Investing in Our […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Every year, during the month of March, specific focus is given to women’s endeavors to have women’s rights acknowledged and increased. This year the National Women’s History Project has provided a theme for Women’s History Month entitled “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business”. We would like to honor all those women who have struggled […]

Legislative Message from the President

Federally Employed Women (FEW) is a nonpartisan grassroots organization that stands true to its founding principle that we “work for the advancement of women in the federal government.” Although we are not participating in the “Women’s March on Washington,” we support any group that shares our vision of creating fair and equitable treatment of women […]

A Day of Service

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday was signed into law in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan and is held to be a day of service to others.  One of the tenets Dr. King held tightly to was the meaning of service to others.  In one of his last sermons prior to his assassination in 1968 […]

Federally Employed Women’s Mission and the 115th Congress

As the 115th Congress has been officially sworn into office on January 3rd, our work now begins, in earnest, to ensure the future of the Federally Employed Women’s (FEW) mission. Our National Vice President for Congressional Relations and Washington Representative are currently updating the Legislative Agenda and preparing to schedule meetings with the new members […]

Happy Holidays!

As we approach another holiday, we often find ourselves reflecting on the past year thinking about those that we love and giving thanks for all of the blessing that we have and will receive, well my thoughts turn to those who have helped to shape our organization in a most significant way.  I wanted to […]

Give Thanks this Holiday Season

This thanksgiving season marks the end of an administration as a new one transitions to its beginning. During this time, it is important to assist our federal agencies with this transition.  Meanwhile, let us be thankful for a new day to continue our good fight for the advancement of women and stand stronger than ever […]

Our New President, Donald J. Trump

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Donald J. Trump on winning the Presidential Election. This hard-fought campaign has increased awareness for continued dialog in order to begin the process of uniting our common concerns, and less about those things that divide us.  We look forward to engaging the new Administration in a […]

Election Day is today! Get out and vote, because your Vote matters!

There is much at stake in this 2016 election campaign, and that’s why getting out to the polls and voting matters. Many of you may have already voted during the early voting process, and we truly appreciate you casting your vote. Our country’s elected officials are positioned to make decisions on a number of critical […]

Why We Should Invest in Our Future

This is the most significant election of our time.  There has been a slew of controversy and endless news coverage surrounding the election of the nation’s next President. Nevertheless, we have to prepare ourselves for any future possibility.   One way to do this is to get involved, get out, and vote so your voices can […]