FEW has developed a strong network at the national, regional, and chapter levels of the organization to encourage active participation in the legislative process. FEW joins forces with other organizations within the women’s civil rights, labor, and professional communities with similar goals and objectives to strengthen its lobbying efforts.  Additionally, FEW’s Board of Directors adopts a national legislative agenda that coincide with each two-year Congressional session. Designed to be the guiding force behind the organization’s public policy activities, the agenda is basically divided into a three-tier structure.

Tier I issues are considered of utmost importance to female federal workers today and include downsizing of civilian and military personnel, equal employment opportunity, family member care, retirement, and issues affecting women in the military.

Tier II issues have an impact on all federal employees, regardless of gender and include compensation, employee benefits, Hatch Act reform, the National Performance Review, and safety and health.

Tier III issues affect women as a class and include economic empowerment, health care, and violence against women. The Equal Rights Amendment and voter education and registration activities are given Overall Priority status as they permeate each and every issue above.