October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

domestic violence graphic; #1Thing


The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence sponsors the #1Thing campaign to bring attention to what we can all do to end domestic violence. One action by one person may seem insignificant, but as a community, many #1Things can lead to social transformation. #1Thing might be to tell your story. #1Thing might be to communicate to policy makers or funders, or to tell you family how they can support your healing, to support someone else in their healing, to speak out when you see aggressive behavior or to use your vote to support action that will support the reduction of domestic violence.

The need remains enormous. According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, in 2016, a 24-hour survey of domestic violence programs across the nation reported that 72,959 adults and children found refuge and help on the survey day and 11,991 requests for services were unmet due to lack of resources.

Domestic violence is tied to economic security since concerns about ability to provide for themselves and their children leads many to remain in abusive relationships. Children are vulnerable, not only as victim of domestic abuse, but also as witnesses who can be affected throughout their lives.

The cost of domestic abuse is great and impacts the entire nation. Medical costs, criminal justice costs, lost earnings add up in addition to the costs of pain, suffering and lost quality of life.  Between a quarter and half of domestic violence victims report that they lost a job at least in part due to domestic violence. (National Network to End Domestic Violence)

When we move beyond awareness to taking action, real social change is possible. Show up, step in, and speak out. This October, be aware of the issue of domestic violence and think of #1Thing you can do to help end it.