Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

“A federal government is distinguished from a national government by its being the government of a community of independent and sovereign states, united by compact.”
Black’s Law Dictionary

I am reflective of our good fortune and right of choice as we are one week away from FEW’s first Leadership Summit and another great Advocacy Day event.   As we commemorating the fourth of July, “Independence Day”, I encourage everyone to take a self reflective look at their lives and remember that your destiny is in your hands.  Your option to choose your career destiny has never left and the choice of success in still in your hands.   We are a “government of communities”.  So, you are not in this alone.  It is not too late to join us at the Leadership Summit next week in Washington DC.   I know the Summit will inspire and energize you, preparing you to take your career in you hands and meet your destiny.

 See you all next week and Happy Independence Day!

4th of July Comments