FEW Members:
As you are undoubtedly aware, there has been an incredible amount of attention and scrutiny upon federal agencies and programs.  Complaints and allegations of wrongdoing have simply become the cost of doing business for many federal employees. Whether true or false, and whether exacerbated by media sensation, negative public impact or political agendas, if you don’t have professional liability coverage in place, the cost to defend your decisions, actions, or inactions could be cost prohibitive – even if you are ultimately vindicated.

Federal employee professional liability coverage should be considered especially if your duties include:

  • Protecting our nation’s security;
  • Working in the intelligence community;
  • Providing law enforcement or federal security;
  • Managing or supervising federal employees;
  • Making decisions on public policy or in the interest of the public;
  • Working directly with the public;
  • Providing HR functions;
  • Obligating and administering federal funds or contracts;
  • Providing medical or financial services; or
  • Regulating products, businesses or securities matters.      

FEDS professional liability coverage is available for $290 annually.  If you are in a position of increased responsibility, such as a manager, supervisor, or law enforcement officer, the agency will pay up to half the cost.  All employees are eligible for payroll deduction – starting at just $12 per month – regardless of reimbursement eligibility.

The FEDS policy also includes coverage for managers, at no additional cost, for employment practices liability claims such as allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower reprisal and wrongful termination.

Most Umbrella policies exclude employment related acts, errors and missions. FEDS is recommended and endorsed by FEW to provide your protection.  For questions or to request brochures email feds@fedsprotection.com.

To enroll, call 866.955.FEDS or log on to www.fedsprotection.com.  Don’t wait.  5 minutes now can save you thousands of dollars and will give you a whole lot of peace of mind in work related decisions and actions.