Meet the Candidates

Federally Employed Women members will vote on the 2022 – 2024 National Board of Director Officers. Each member in good standing has a right to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice starting later this month.

“Casting a ballot isn't just something you do for yourself — it's for our collective future.” 
— Oprah Winfrey, TV producer, actress, and author

FEW required each candidate to provide a short description, biography and flyer to help voters make an informed decision for this election and our future.

National Board of Director's Candidates


Georgia Thomas
I am seeking this position to provide strategic leadership which builds on a passion for the organization. It is my desire to take that passion toward advocacy and the betterment of women in government. To effectively maintain the trust of current and future members of the organization and to be their voice and ambassador. With a platform of "Solidarity in Spite of Difference", I hope to recognize, affirm and enlighten all to the possibilities that we can achieve by the unique qualities we each bring in accomplishing our mission. Since 1968 our individual journeys to and within FEW might have been different, but it has also been our greatest asset. Those strengths and skills obtained have created a legacy of working toward the same goal of creating better women leaders and change agents. As we embark on a new term in leadership, I would like to celebrate all voices, encourage innovative ideas as well as look for new ways of sustainability and accountability.

Kaya Lewis-Baltimore

I am an experienced and qualified 21st Century leader who can span FEW’s horizon to the next level. I have set standard operating procedures, provided guidance and fostered working relationships with internal and external stakeholders on all three tier levels. I have served through two government shutdowns and this ongoing pandemic. During the pandemic, I was faced with the voted decision to convert FEW’s traditional onsite National Training Program to FEW’s first Virtual Leadership Summit. I am committed to lead with distributive and adaptive leadership. My initiatives are to unify strong sustainable regions and chapters, continue to provide premiere training and development on all levels. I want to expand our reach for stakeholders, sponsors & partners and scholarship prospects. I come with humility and the ingredients of confidence, accountability, and openness. In 2020 and 2021, I beat the two C’s (COVID and Cancer) and I am here today healthy, and ready to serve as your next National President. It is the right time, the right choice!

Vision: FEW has walked in the Spirit of Excellence, Invested in our future, and Soared to New Heights and if chosen as the next President of FEW it’s time to “Trailblaze to Greatness!”

Pamela Richards

Vision: Developing the leaders of tomorrow for a more sustainable future, while preserving FEW’s very important legacy.

My purpose and passion for seeking the position of National President is to continue to advance the mission and vision of Federally Employed Women (FEW). As a proven grassroots leader in multiple organizations, I will reach across the aisles and work with the 5 generations of members in the workplace to build a solid foundation for the sustainable future of the organization. Fully embracing the new enhanced telework environment will allow FEW to expand the organizational footprint. If elected, I will be honored to be in a position where I can direct, shape and focus on developing our organization’s growth potential further. When you are given the responsibility to lead, you are given a fantastic opportunity to positively influence the lives of many people; a responsibility I would never take for granted. I have proven results from my experience at the chapter and regional level. Now, I am your RIGHT CHOICE for NEXT LEVEL Leadership!

Executive Vice President

Connie Coleman-Lacadie
My vision is to move the momentum we have with public and private organizations forward to ensure the greater message to our government employees is delivered and understood on the value of membership as it relates to leaderships skills, policy and legislative issues, and resources to achieve our goals successfully. My goals for this office are to support the President in all aspects of the position as her confidant and assistant, to serve as a liaison, to support the board, to assist in bringing the Regional Managers to the next level of leadership, to provide oversight of the national office, and to review and update documents that provide structure to the organization. What I bring to this position is focus, dedication, commitment, trustworthiness, and allegiance. I have the experience of serving as a National Officer, Regional Manager and Chapter President over the past 28 years. I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to know when to roll up my sleeves to reorganize a plan when it appears stagnant, recruit members to serve, to seek advice to see the bigger picture, reenergize members when times seem tough, and respect everyone for the value they bring to the table. We all have a part to play regardless of position or age. We are "young thinkers" that need to be heard. I am running to serve as your Executive Vice President from the perspective that we can exist as a relevant organization in today's culture and climate. I want to help create an initiative-taking and positive climate for our members and future members. I want to display why it is important to be a member and give them meaningful, intentional reasons to be engaged in FEW. We are the trailblazers of FEW, let us walk more authentically and exhibit that behavior together.

Vice President for Policy and Planning

Carla Hamilton
The reason I am seeking the position of Vice President for Policy and Planning is to offer you a candidate with vision to boost the awareness of this distinguished organization to more federal women, workers, and external entities. As a FEW Diamond Lifetime member, I hold the mission of FEW as a top priority. With more than 15+ years of leadership experience encompassing professional responsibility, I am committed to servitude with an innovative voice, poised as a change agent with the ability to leverage 16 leadership skills, strategic planning experience, and business acumen to cultivate a progressive and collaborative culture that will aid in continuing to move FEW forward. I currently serve on the FEW National level in various capacities from the National Compliance Committee, National Legislative Committee, and National Mentoring Committee. I am also the Southeast Assistant Regional Manager but more importantly, I am a grassroots Chapter President acting on emerging issues and matters of great urgency especially during the pandemic. I have successfully kept chapter members involved, engaged and encouraged while doubling in chapter size to nearly 40 members. These efforts were recognized in 2021 upon the North Alabama Chapter winning FEW's Best Chapter Membership Award, Best Chapter Programs Awards and the Helen R. Dudley Chapter Overall Achievement Award. As a grassroots organization, FEW's fervency is directly linked to its membership. My vision and goals are to boost initiatives that can enhance and equip our members with the tools needed to excel further in their careers, develop new programs that are designed for the challenges of tomorrow and finally transmit members needs back to the National Board of Directors. I offer our organization an intentional emphasis of service together and together moving FEW's future forward.

Vice President for Compliance

Dr. Carmela Daniels

I am Dr. Carmela Daniels, your current National Bylaws Chair. I am seeking this opportunity to serve as your National Vice President for Compliance. As a Federal Employee, I am aware that FEW must work with our agencies to monitor and stay abreast of the law and the policies and procedures that work with the law. My vision for this role is to carry the goals and mission of FEW forward by ensuring that FEW members are aware and FEW continue to work to meet the needs of each member. I will make recommendations to improve the Compliance Program to the executive board and the National FEW Compliance Program. I will work with the current Region and Chapter Compliance Committee members on all levels of the organization. I will work hard and complete all duties as assigned. I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to learn quickly any steps that will be needed to maintain and understand this role. I will make sure that webinars and other guidance on compliance are continually provided to Regions and Chapters, including updating prominent current regulations, executive orders, and statutes.

Vice President for Congressional Relations

Shabiki Clarke

My desire to seek re-election for the position of National VP of Congressional Relations is rooted in the opportunity to further build on the success of Legislative Agenda-related goals achieved during my first term in this position. If re-elected as Vice President for Congressional Relations my primary mission remains to continue providing leadership, and guidance on FEW legislative matters by utilizing the Legislative Network process for the benefit of the organization. The last two years have shown we must pivot, when necessary, to be resilient during adverse times. Through the sole use of virtual platforms, and robust communication outreach, training and development through webinars and multiple speaking engagements allowed FEW’s three tiers to remain informed and engaged on all things Legislative.

I intend to further accomplish this mission through: 1) Building the capacity of FEW’s regional Legislative Chairs through training and effective resources to fulfill their duties and communicate FEW’s legislative agenda; 2) Streamline the communication activities of the regional Legislative Chairs through motivating and directing the work of the Legislative Chairs and providing a unified/single point of contact/direction for the FEW Legislative Advocate/Lobbyist, such as hosting quarterly meetings on the National Legislative Agenda and progress of FEW Legislative Tiers; and 3) Revitalizing grassroots legislative outreach by creating an environment of virtual and in-person activities to create boots on the ground. This will generate ENGAGEMENT within the organization on the importance of the Legislative Focus Area/Three Tiers, issues we face as women in the government workforce and perpetuate the legacy of the Federally Employed Women.

My highly interactive approach to learning and developing the legislative activities within FEW's Three Tiers has afforded me the opportunity to develop a comprehensive and thorough understanding of what is required on all levels for the Legislative Focus Area and Legislative Agenda.

Vice President for Diversity

Jennifer Mateo

For the past 10 years I have found myself in positions that are associated with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI). Whether it’s consulting in trainings or mediate conflicts my passion for DEI has been at the forefront of this work. However, I feel so much more can be done.

I am also part of the 2022 National Training Program team, where my visions for DEI is to expand on the current trainings and curriculum so we can trailblazing leadership into the 21st century by staying vigilante to the current climate in society. This can be done at FEW with interactive engagements and adding new and positive initiatives.

I have a very calm and welcoming demeanor which I believe can help when discussing with others on touch topics that may come up with DEI. I am also currently part of the 2022 National Training Program team, where I have been happy to extend my knowledge of technology and new programs.

Vice President for Training

No candidate at this time.

Vice President for Membership and Chapter Organization

Tara Bullock

I seek re-election to the position of VP for Membership and Chapter Organization (VPMCO) because there’s more work to be done. I started this journey two years ago and I would like to continue and ensure that every member’s voice is heard. I have been diligently working with the Regional Managers & Chapter Presidents to support the mission and vision of FEW.

My 2020-2024 vision is to be an ambassador for growth & your voice for membership and trust me to continue what I have started. My goals are:

1. Grow the Organization
  • Create a membership plan to recruit and retrain members in a virtual environment
  • Develop a membership theme
  • Construct a year-long calendar of FEW membership events
  • Generate knowledge of the FEW brand for the purpose of attracting new members
  • 2. Training
  • Provide training on FEW’s website, processes, and procedures
  • 3. Resources: Chapters and Regions
  • Provide additional resources to Regional Managers and Chapter Presidents (i.e. meeting/program ideas, calendars, approved speakers)
  • Administer bi-annual membership survey

  • Proven track record, and the right choice as your 2022-2024 VPMCO. Membership matters to the growth and important legacy of the organization.


    Marcia McDaniels
    I wish to continue an active role working for the advancement of women. You could say I am purpose driven by FEW. My skills at the chapter, regional and national level as secretary are my way of administrative support of FEW and the values it holds. I make time for meetings, attending 20+ RTPs,17 NTPs, 2 VLS, supporting as staff when needed. I currently am Regional Parliamentarian and Chapter President, also involved in the Regional Membership Committee. I see the organization thrive past this difficult time in history and will do what I can to make it so with what skills I have.

    Sandra Strayhorn
    My reason for seeking this position is to use the talents and skills I have developed from my personal and professional experiences to benefit the FEW body and National Board of Directors (NBOD). Those talents and skills include being highly organized, innovative, creative, respectful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and technically competent. I am a good listener and have proven to be a skillful communicator. I have a passion for seeing FEW thrive and know that good record keeping of information and having discretion is a key competent to the organization's success. With over 20+ years of secretarial experience, my goals and vision for the position include: ensuring that necessary documents and correspondence be either emailed or mailed in a timely manner, ensure accurate and complete documentation of notes be kept for every NBOD meeting and Executive Committee meeting, making myself available for all chapter or regional secretaries to contact me with any questions, and being willing to serve in any other capacity deemed by the National President.


    Bernette Menefee

    I Bernette Menefee, am seeking the position of Federal Employed Women (FEW) National Treasurer. The reason for seeking position is my passion for accounting.

    Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and currently work at Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). DFAS is the largest government accounting agency in the U.S., however I’ve not been afforded an opportunity to work in an area that performs accounting functions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), for performing accrual basis accounting. Working in different positions in FEW has giving me the opportunity to build my accounting skills. My first position on the board at chapter level was Treasurer serving 2 years. During which time the chapter was working without a budget. I had the opportunity to work with the Chapter President to establish and maintain our first budget. It was at this time I knew for sure that working accounting was something I truly enjoy. In the position of Region Finance Chair, I served in this capacity for a year. No one was assigned in the position, and I volunteered to step in fulfill the void. In this position I helped oversee the budget and conducted audits from previous years to current. Currently serving as FEW National Finance Chair for 4 years where I worked closely with Treasurer, and am very knowledgeable of the role, responsibilities, and duties of treasurer. Worked closely with FEW Accountants and for whom I have an excellent rapport and ensure they have everything needed to comply with FEW financials. Based on my tenure and experience I am confident I possess knowledge and expertise to diligently perform the duties of FEW National Treasurer.

    My vision is to continue my support of the FEW missions as well as FEW financial obligations in accordance with the NPPM.

    Nominations Officer

    Tameika A. E. Roland
    My reason for seeking this position is to focus on talent acquisition, education, and preparation in order to have more candidates step up to run for FEW National elected positions. I am dedicated to the growth of FEW by ensuring there is an interactive leadership development group on social media to begin early encouragement and discussion with FEW future leaders. The purpose of this interactive group will be for members to learn about leadership opportunities that can help them with the necessary experience to run for FEW National, Regional, or Chapter office. With more than IO+ years of successfully executing multiple elections, my goals are to prepare a timely plan for nominating, balloting, and tabulating of FEW membership votes. I will work with the nominations committee members to present an official slate of candidates and notify the FEW membership of the election results.

    As a member of FEW in good standing, the Election Committee will email an electronic ballot for this election on or about May 17, 2022. FEW will mail a paper ballot to your home address on file for those who do not use email.   Be sure to read the instructions accompanying the ballot carefully before voting.  If you need a paper ballot, please email to request one.

    Nominations Chair:
    Vikki Williamson:

    Nominations Committee:
    Cindy Higgins:
    Kim Foster:
    Becky Simmons:

    I appreciate your commitment to this prestigious organization.