Now is the time to prepare to attend the 2023 Training Program for FEW!  All training courses are closely aligned with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) senior executive core competencies, and for your attendance, you are eligible to receive continuing education units (CEU). Start now by updating your Individual Development Plan (IDP) or Training Plan to include the National Training Program. The toolkit below will help guide you in getting the approval you need to attend.

Get the Training You Need, Here’s How

The National Training Program workshops and presenters provide essential skills to build successful careers and opportunities for advancement. The National Training Program is full of information focused on educating, networking, and inspiring day-to-day career advantages and new abilities. Get the funds to attend; ask your supervisor! We have gathered all of our best resources in one convenient place to help you make your case and get the approval you need to attend the National Training Program.

  1. Build the FEW training program into your Individual Development Plan (IDP). Click HERE for an Example IDP Template. Take the time to map the courses we offer to your IDP and help your supervisor connect to the various benefits of your training with FEW. You can attend training courses that will help you grow and thus provide your supervisor with every reason to allow you to attend. To assist, view our Training Rationale Tips.

  2. Create a Justification Letter. In addition to your IDP, prepare a “Justification Letter” to provide a more detailed explanation as to why attending the National Training Program will help your career path. Explain how each session will help you grow professionally personally and outline how each course will strengthen your knowledge, skills, and abilities as an employee. Writing a letter will demonstrate how essential these courses are towards your duties and how they would positively impact your job performance. Click HERE for an example of a Justification Letter.

  3. The FEW National Training Program still “qualifies as a training activity in accordance with 5 U.S.C. Charter 41 and 5 CFR 410.404.”