Military Meritorious Service Award


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    The purpose of the FEW’s Military Meritorious Service Awards is to recognize outstanding military service members within the Armed Forces who have distinguished themselves with significant contributions to their service and our nation by one or more of the following:

    1. Promoting a positive understanding of the armed forces among and between men and women, minority and non-minority members of the military and civilian population.

    2. Fostering an innovative and constructive environment between the military and civilian community and men and women of all races and ethnic backgrounds that benefit employees and/or community residents.

    3. Displaying exceptional character that distinguishes the individual as an outstanding leader and role model.

    4. Supporting and working towards the advancement of women within the armed forces.

  • Nominations must be submitted through appropriate command channels and endorsed by the organization’s Commander or Director and must include the following:

    a. Narrative describing the nominee’s accomplishments, single-spaced, not to exceed two pages. Accomplishments should consist of one or more of the following:

    • The nominee distinguished himself or herself by promoting the tenets of civil/human rights, equal opportunity, human relations, and/or public service.
    • The nominee contributed to the equal opportunity for selection, promotion or retention of women and minorities in senior grade level positions and under-represented occupations.
    • The nominee assisted in overcoming discrimination and eliminating barriers that hinder equal opportunity for all members of the Armed Forces and civilians including women and minorities in the Armed Forces.
    • The nominee created job or training opportunities that will support and contribute to advancement of all Service members including women and minorities in the Armed Forces or civilian workforce.

  • b. Biography of the nominee, single-spaced, not to exceed one page.

    c. Citation statement summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments, single-spaced, not to exceed 18 lines of narrative; Arial, 12-point font, with 1 inch left and right margins.

  • The time-period for accomplishments by this award is established by Federally Employed Women (FEW). All packages must be submitted electronically by April 7th.

    If a nominee is selected for this award, the respective service must pay for the travel and per diem TDY costs associated with the awardee attending the Awards Ceremony.

    All award packages must be submitted electronically with documentation not later than April 7, 2019. The Awards open season begins March 7, 2019 and closes April 7, 2019. Award packages submitted after April 7, will not be accepted.

  • Please enter the nomination's supporting documents in the file upload areas below.