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2013 Biennial Membership Survey

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  • Background

    Federally Employed Women (FEW) has surveyed members annually beginning in 2010, focused solely on membership-related questions. Beginning with the 2013 membership survey, the focus is broader to encompass all four focus areas (i.e., compliance, diversity, legislation, and training), as well as other areas which affect our members.
  • Going Forward

    Effective this year the membership survey will be conducted biennially. The goal for this change is twofold: first, not to “over survey” our members, and, second, a biennial survey will give the appropriate National Board members time to develop action plans. The action plans will include task, corrective actions, implementation (development action), and timelines. This will enable National Board members to address less complex issues quickly, while other more complex issues/suggestions may require further study and the development of an administered action plan to deliver reportable results.
  • Your Participation

    There are 24 questions covering 9 topic areas. This survey should take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete. It is important that our 3,000+ members participate in this survey and provide true experiences in each of the areas surveyed. If you do not have any comment or do not know, please mark the answer as either, “Not applicable,” “Don’t Know” or “Not Sure.” As with any survey that FEW conducts, your participation as a member is completely voluntary and your responses are both confidential and unidentifiable.

    You are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity to let the National Board know what they are or are not doing well and to offer suggestions for improvements. The only way to keep FEW viable and representative of our members is by ascertaining what is important to the membership. Thus, in order to achieve a true outlook on how the National Board is doing, please let your voice be heard.

    Once the survey period closes, responses will be presented to the National Board in an aggregate report.
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