Make career and personal growth a balanced priority. Start today!

There is nothing more important than you. Your family rely on you emotionally, spiritually and financially. The question is: “Are you a priority in your own life ?” and “Do you keep your career and personal life in tune with all of the changing external demands?”  It is important to have a balanced life.   Make sure to see yourself as an urgent necessity to prevent your personal obsolescence.

We as federal workers and mothers are always making the lives of others whole and stable. We impact our lives by living in this competitive world with increasing demands in such a fast pace environment. Many working in this environment make the mistake of focusing only on the job at hand at the expense of growing their capabilities. Working a hundred hours a week to prove your commitment to the job and meeting all the boss’s goals is pure martyrdom if you are sacrificing personal growth. The bottom line for knowledge workers is that competition is fierce, and you need to be not only at the top of your game but also well prepared for how the game is evolving.

Yes, you are busy. You likely have more demands on your time than ever before. But, if you are not learning new skills, building on your knowledge base, gaining new experiences, and all the while carefully scrutinizing the ways you have traditionally viewed and approached your work, your skill set will become obsolete in today’s business environment. When that happens, both you and your agency lose.

Growth is about staying relevant by constantly improving and keeping up-to-speed with the changing world around you. Additionally, taking responsibility for your personal growth provides something that can be even more valuable: a sense of control over your own career and your own future.

There are career advancement and financial gains as a result of personal growth, but don’t underestimate the “psychic rewards.” Downsizings, outsourcing, and relentless globalization are mainstay realities of today’s working world. However, as you assume control of your personal growth, you will gain confidence in the fact that your future rests soundly in your own hands.