Legislative Message from the President

Federally Employed Women (FEW) is a nonpartisan grassroots organization that stands true to its founding principle that we “work for the advancement of women in the federal government.” Although we are not participating in the “Women’s March on Washington,” we support any group that shares our vision of creating fair and equitable treatment of women via employment, training and overall opportunities. FEW has, and will continue to, promote our mission both nationally and at the grassroots level.

We realize how important it is to continue to be diligent in monitoring our federal legislation, as it can severely impact federal workers. Therefore, FEW recently shared with you our “Legislative Outlook for 2017”, which provides a confined summary of our legislative focus. As a member, three things are important to our success: 1. We have your support; 2. You are aware of our Legislative Agenda; and 3. We stand united and prepared to take action.

As a member, you should be aware that FEW has reached out to the new incoming administration and will continue to do so. We are developing and sending a prepared white paper on our positions regarding the Federal Women’s Program (FWP), Equal Pay, and other items from our Legislative Agenda to President Trump’s transition team. Furthermore, we are preparing welcome packages for each of the new members of Congress and, with our Washington Representative, developing a plan to visit the Hill for a progressive Advocacy Day, not only in D.C., but throughout the U.S. where we have members. These are only some of the actions planned for promoting our Legislative Agenda.

Stay tuned for additional information from your Vice President of Congressional Relations, Dr. Madeline Lewis. For additional questions, you may contact Dr. Lewis at CongressionalRelationsVP@few.org.