Join us at NTP 2017!

Registration for our 48th National Training Program (NTP) is in full swing, and what a privilege we have to serve one another by participating in our four focus areas, Compliance, Diversity, Legislative, and Training, while joining together as one to share in our NTP, giving each of us the great opportunity of “Investing in Our Future”.

This year our focus will be on our Legislative program and the NTP will conclude with our Closing Session/Legislative Luncheon where we will discuss the 115th Legislative Agenda and FEW’s efforts toward engaging with the current administration to move women’s issues forward. Dr. Madeline Lewis, FEW’s Vice President of Congressional Relations, will introduce Tonya Saunders, FEW’s Washington Legislative Liaison, who will provide an update on efforts regarding Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III issues (click here to read more).  Carolyn A. Cook, CEO of United 4 Equality, LLC, will provide a keynote address in concert with the theme of the Luncheon, “Keeping an Eye on the Future”.

We’ve packed the NTP with training sessions designed to move you forward in reaching your goals and achieving career growth.  There are opportunities to network and connect with others as well.  Be sure to take advantage of the Early Bird registration discount by completing your NTP registration by June 15, 2017.  Click here for more information about NTP registration rates and hotel accommodations.

We know that with the lack of travel and training dollars available it might be a challenge for you to participate.  But we’ve provided an NTP Toolkit to offer you some ideas on how to approach your manager or supervisor to request your attendance at the NTP.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!