Ground Zero – From ashes to new victories

Many times in life we go through challenges.  Some are so devastating that it cause us to have to begin again from ground zero.  But, this I know for sure, that although you may have to begin again, you will build again.   In life we have our peaks and valleys, some are more intense than others. What is so amazing is that we have the fortitude to rise again. Our spirit will never allow us to give up.   Our spirit inside demands that we be victorious.   We become stronger with each struggle, each valley and every peak.

On September 11, 2001, on American soil we witness the most devastating occurrence of human terror. The attack on America and the twin towers was beyond belief. Yet, out of the rubble and ashes came ground zero or a new foundation for the new “Freedom Tower”. It stands larger, brighter and stronger than ever. Here are some video to remind us why we shall never forget as we will build new victories on a foundation full of where tragedy once stood — now new victories