FEEA 2014-15 Scholarship Program

FEEA’s 2014-14 Scholarship Program will launch on January 2, 2014!  The program is open to civilian federal and postal employees with at least three years of service, their spouses, and dependents.  You can view all scholarship criteria on our Scholarship page, which will also link to the application when it is posted.  We also highly recommend reading through FEEA’s FAQ on scholarships to help avoid pitfalls during the application process.

Partner program scholarship applications will also be available on January 2nd.  you can learn more about the Partner Programs administered by FEEA, including eligibility criteria, on our Partner Programs page.  most of the time, completing a partner application enters the student into both the Partner’s competition and the main FEEA competition — two chances to win with just one application!

Keep an eye out for FEEA emails in January, February and March with more information about scholarships!

To get more information go to: http://www.feea.org/programs/scholarships/scholarship-faqs