Federally Employed Women’s Mission and the 115th Congress

As the 115th Congress has been officially sworn into office on January 3rd, our work now begins, in earnest, to ensure the future of the Federally Employed Women’s (FEW) mission.

Our National Vice President for Congressional Relations and Washington Representative are currently updating the Legislative Agenda and preparing to schedule meetings with the new members of Congress in an effort to gain support for our issues.  Important issues such as Equal Employment Opportunity for women and eliminating the institutional barriers that inhibit women from moving into higher management-level positions and the Senior Executive Service (SES) and the proactive support for the revitalization of the Federal Women’s Program, which is imperative and critical to help ensure the diversity of the SES and management positions in the federal government. There is a great sense of uncertainty among Americans during this transition of our new Executive Administration and Congress; we want to make sure that legislation or any activities proposed are inclusive or prohibit any form of discrimination.  I take this opportunity to announce a call to action for our members.  It is not enough to stand by and criticize.  As the premiere national organization for federal employed women, we must use our voices and platform.  There is a critical need for FEW members to get involved.  Our CAPWIZ campaign, “Point, Click & Send,” it a great way for us to use our voices and contact our legislators regarding pertinent issues affecting women in federal service.  Many members have used it, making it a very successful resource; but we need far more participants. In the coming months, you will be receiving reminders and recommendations on how to maximize this tool.  Be advised, when using CAPWIZ that all advocacy work is handled via home computers.  You can find CAPWIZ at http://capwiz.com/few/home/.

We appreciate your continued support of the Legislative Program.

Wanda V. Killingsworth
National President
Investing in Our Future!
“Working for the Advancement of Women in Government”