Federal Workers Targeted Again. FY 2016 Budget Resolution – Senate

Let Your Lawmakers Know How You Feel!

Federally Employed Women Leaders, Regional Managers and Legislative Chairs are asking our many members to contact their legislators about their recent votes on the fiscal year 2016 budget resolution that included many provisions that would seriously and adversely impact federal workers and retirees. We need to let them know that we are closely watching their votes.

The Budget Resolution (H.Con.Res. 27/S.Con.Res 11) included several anti-federal worker initiatives to help balance the budget, including:

– Pension contribution hike for feds – basically a 50-50 split which would amount to an increased 6.6 percent contribution level from federal workers.

– Ten percent reduction in the federal workforce through attrition.

– Consolidation of federal programs in transportation, education, job training housing assistance and other areas, with the potential for reducing the number of federal employees working in them.

– Curtailing growth of health benefits for federal retirees.

– Cutting interest rate on Thrift Saving Plan’s G Fund by using a three-month average rather than the current four-year average.

Legislators need to be accountable for their votes. Supporting or not supporting a measure so egregiously against federal workers needs to be addressed. So we are asking you to show your elected officials that you are watching by either thanking them for not supporting this resolution or expressing disappointment in their “aye” vote.

The great thing about FEW’s Advocacy software program is that it automatically sends the correct letter based on how legislators voted. Click on the Action Alert tab, type in your zip code and your letters will be sent automatically. However, because there are two different congressional chambers, you will have to click on both the tab for the House vote, and then the tab for the Senate vote. You want all three lawmakers to hear your views!

We can make a difference. If you have any questions at all, contact FEW’s Washington Representative at 703-528-7822 or janetk@few.org.