FEAA’s CFC Campaign is now underway.

FEEA receives most of its funding through pledges made to FEEA #11185 during the Combined Federal Campaign. Of the thousands of charities participating in the CFC, FEEA is the only charity that exclusively helps civilian federal and postal employees.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Your gift might help feds struggling to keep a roof over their heads or to keep the lights on — CFC donations help ensure funds are available for FEEA’s emergency loan and disaster grant programs.  Donations also determine the amount available for our merit scholarship program; at least half of the dollars pledged in each of FEEA’s 27 regions stay right where they’re donated, in the form of scholarships for deserving students.  Your gift will make a difference!

FEEA CFC Supplies

You can also help FEEA by getting the word out within your office and at your agency’s CFC events.  FEEA can provide information sheets and giveaway items for your events — all you need to do is send us your name, mailing address and daytime phone number, along with the date of your event and number of people expected.  Please order at least two weeks in advance when possible to ensure timely shipping (and help FEEA save on shipping costs!).