Outreach Programs

Our Outreach Program was created to bring awareness to the many resources available to enrich our members. Programs hosted by our partners and Regional Chapters can give us an advantage in career enhancement tools and knowledge sharing. Federally Employed Women is honored to bring visibility to these programs.  Our purpose is to outreach to our members by giving opportunities.

Outreach means:

O = Optimistic
U = Understanding
T = Teaching
R = Reassuring
E = Empowering
A = Assisting
C = Connecting
H = Helping

It’s a great time for new beginnings!  FEW wants to provide information, tips, suggestions, and ideas to help our members and chapters.

Things to Consider if your Region/Chapter is Reaching Out within your local community:

  • Coordinate a Women Only Home Build (reach out to Habitat for Humanity); invite other women’s organizations (Two birds – one stone – Team Building and networking) (WID; FWP, FEB, the military wives club and don’t forget your military sisters)  (Women In Defense, Federal Women’s Program, Federal Executive Board, Federal Women’s Council)
  • Collect and make donations of supplies to a local women’s shelter
  • Collect and make donation of supplies to local schools
  • Sponsor a Coat Drive – Winter is coming
  • Reach out to support your local VA (Veterans Administration – they are just a phone call away and waiting to hear from you)
  • Collect and donate books to shelters or your local VA – Read a book while there
  • Sponsor a “Sit in” at a local VA – Sit and talk – remember conversations before electronics took over?
  • Sponsor a Walking Tour “Out and About” of the area where the Vets live – some vets don’t get out.  Where I live there are not enough volunteers to push the vets that are in wheel chairs.
  • Sponsor a Decorate the “Tree” during the holiday at your local VA – bring a decoration for each Vet.
  • Grab your Aprons and Serve our Vets during the Holidays and don’t forget to bring a wrapped gift – they would love that someone thought about them

If you reached out and it was a success for your Region or Chapter… Share it. We are all working toward the same goal, Reaching Out, Supporting and Helping!

Maryland Tri-County Chapter
Stepping Up, Stepping Out and Reaching Out!

outreach_1 outreach_3 outreach_2

Women Only Home Build – Working with our local Habitat for Humanities. A Win-Win, a family got a home, Habitat got volunteers and the members from the Chapter gained from the team building, networking with women from local organizations and having fun (after the hard work). Can it get any better?

Feel free to send your thoughts and suggestions to our Special Assistant for Outreach, Linda Patrick.

View these learning sessions offered by HUD on a variety of topics that align with our focus areas of diversity and training.  These webinars are aligned with OPM Executive Core Competencies and may be beneficial to those seeking information and self development.  Click on any title below to view the webinar.

We want to share our resources.  This is a win-win program for members in all Regions and Chapters.  It’s not what we put into it, but, what we can take away from it.