Election Day is today! Get out and vote, because your Vote matters!

There is much at stake in this 2016 election campaign, and that’s why getting out to the polls and voting matters. Many of you may have already voted during the early voting process, and we truly appreciate you casting your vote.

Our country’s elected officials are positioned to make decisions on a number of critical issues that affect our daily lives. It is so important that we use our vote to push elected officials to address issues that impact our future. The issues facing women today are not just women’s issues; when women are paid less than men for the same work, it hurts the entire family through less income and needing to work harder just to get by. When a job doesn’t offer family leave, that also hurts the family when it comes to helping to care for a new baby or an ailing parent.

Don’t let anything keep you from casting your vote. If anyone has any issues with voting while they are at the polls call 866-OUR VOTE or 888-OUR VOTE.

Choose to have a voice and let it be heard!