April is Membership Recruitment Month

Membership month graphic

For more than 50 years Federally Employed Women (FEW) has encouraged a climate of equity, diversity and inclusion for women, that could be practiced freely and fully by stimulating high performance of duties and meeting standards of ethical behavior in the federal government. That is why I am so excited to celebrate this phenomenal organization and its strong membership. Today, I invite you to join FEW!

April is the month of the year when FEW members share their passion for or organization by recruiting new members.  It’s our time to applaud FEW, our network of partners and friends, and to promote the good work we do on behalf of women and the federal community around the world.  FEW membership is important because it allows us as a body to have a louder voice to address issues that impact women, families and federal workers. I encourage every FEW member to join me in making a difference. Become a recruiter for FEW.

When our membership is strong, we can excel in our mission. FEW seeks actively engaged and enthusiastic people who are willing to utilize their leadership skills in identifying opportunities and sharing them, both personally and professionally.  And, it is easy to become a member of FEW and you can join in minutes.  FEW is the organization of choice as a resource in the federal government.  In fact, visit our network of Partners on the website and take advantage of the discounts being offered.

Finally, I am introducing a new membership contest open to all members for the month of April.  Winners from this contest can win terrific prizes. Prizes include cash cards and items engraved with the FEW 50th Anniversary logo.

Membership month prizes

Join me. Recruit members for FEW this April. Let’s celebrate FEW’s long legacy of courage, strength and Soaring to New Heights.

Karen M. Rainey
FEW National President

Federally Employed Women (FEW) is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1968 after the issuance of Executive Order 11375 that added “sex” to the prohibited discriminations within the federal government. FEW is a membership organization working exclusively to end sex discrimination and towards the advancement of women in federal service.