Action Alert: Letter to President about the Federal Women’s Program

Federally Employed Women (FEW) Leaders, Regional Managers and Legislative Chairs are asking our many members and other interested parties to request that their elected legislators (both Senators and your Representative) send a letter to the White House urging the President to issue a revised Executive Order and/or detailed instructional memorandum to all federal agency heads about the serious demise of the critical Federal Women’s Program (FWP).

The latest statistics show that women represent 43.7% of the federal workforce; yet they only account for 32.7% of the career SES employees. This is down from 33.5% in 2012. Decreasing the ranks of women in the SES is simply deplorable and a just reason for revamping the important FWP. But the White House will do nothing without pressure from Congress.

Status: Although the law still remains on the books for each agency to staff and support a Federal Women’s Program Manager, many do not and many are not even aware of this requirement. A memorandum from the President would ensure that all federal agencies are complying with this law.

FEW Position and Further Action: FEW’s members need to ask their legislators to send a letter to the President. We will provide sample language; legislators will need to tailor the language to their personal preferences. Because we would like our FEW attendees for Advocacy Day to have momentum behind them, we are asking that you send in your letters by Friday, June 26, 2014! Please go to the FEW Grassroots Advocacy Site at, click on the “Revamp the FWP” tab, type in your zip code, and your letters will be sent automatically.

This Alert comes on the heels of the completion and distribution of our “FEW Success Stories from all 50 States” to the media which can be found at

Get involved in this important issue. And remember – if your legislators do not hear from you – their constituents – then they cannot know what is important to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact FEW’s Washington Representative Janet Kopenhaver at 703-528-7822 or via email at

Together – we can make a difference!