Corporate Advisory Committee



Join the Corporate Advisory Committee of Federally Employed Women.

One of the best marketing tools for companies wanting to do business with the Federal government is having an open door with key people in government agencies who will talk to you about their challenges.  The Office of Federal Procurement Policy has made it clear that such dialogue is not only allowed but is encouraged between government officials and the private sector.

Federally Employed Women (FEW) has established a Corporate Advisory Committee to serve as a vehicle for such a dialogue.  Our Corporate Advisory Committee will allow selected companies to meet our members in a variety of forums and will allow you to dialogue with our members about your capabilities and expertise.  Talking about best practices will assist government officials and will also serve the interests of your company.  This type of federal government/private sector partnership is ideal for name recognition, branding, and thought leadership.

FEW is an ideal non-profit organization for you to partner with because of our diverse government membership.  FEW has 3100 members (over 900 in Washington D.C.), 18 senior executives, and 1007 senior managers in all key government agencies with whom you will have the opportunity to meet at regular events and at special meetings which will be set up specifically for a dialogue based on your needs.

We have several levels of sponsorship that will meet the needs of both small and large companies.

What separates the FEW Corporate Advisory Committee from other organizations is that we consider your sponsorship dollars an investment for you and not as a gift to us.  We will work hard to see that your investment is a good one and that you will decide to renew will us, year after year, in the future.

For more information about FEW and the Corporate Advisory Committee, please check out our website at and contact Dr. Andrew Uscher at 571-338-0458 (