FEW Recognizes Women’s Equality Day

August 26, the date the Nineteenth Amendment was certified, is widely recognized as Women’s Equality Day. This recognition has special meaning for FEW as a day of celebration throughout the country that emphasizes the importance of women’s work for democracy. It’s also inspiring to the role that FEW plays in furthering women’s rights in the federal workforce and at all levels of government. 

Yes, we’ve come a long way thanks to the pioneers of the Women’s Suffrage movement and yes, FEW has made an impact in its 54 years serving its members and their colleagues. Yet, now isn’t the time to rest on our accomplishments. Today, so much more needs to be done to ensure access to advancement in pay equity and opportunities at the SES levels. FEW will continue to advocate for these issues and for every person that supports FEW’s mission to Work for the Advancement of Women in the Government.

Let’s use this opportunity to celebrate our achievements, yet look ahead to the work still to be done. Let the legacy of those who fought for the right to vote inspire our efforts to fight for women in the Federal workforce and at all levels of government. Let’s not forget that while the struggle isn’t easy, the fortitude of these pioneers provided the proof that together, we can make a difference. Happy Women’s Equality Day from FEW.