Training is a key strategy to your success.

We all know that training is an absolutely vital function to our success in business and in fully engaging collaborations. There are 3 reasons for this.

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First, it is expected. Today’s employees won’t work where they aren’t developed. Whether for personal or professional reasons, people don’t want the feeling the lack appreciation for the work they do to support agency goals.   Studies show that employees don’t stay where they are not kept up-to-date, fully trained, and given opportunities to develop.

The second reason is the speed of change. Whether in technology, in products, or in skills, training enables people to keep up to date with the market, the competition, and their own organization’s plans.  This provides tremendous insight for forecasting and delivering quality service.

And thirdly, we all know that people are their most valuable asset. Making the most of this asset is what training is all about. That’s why training skills are essential in the world today; not only for the advantage of the employee, but the government entity as well.

Important facts about training the workforce

  • The key difference between training and other forms of learning is that training results in a change of behavior.
  • The route to changes in performance lies in changes to knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Studies show that organizations that spend on training are more productive than those that don’t.
  • In times of change, it is more important to train people how to learn than in what they should know.
  • Individualize and unlimited potential expands when some form of training is provided.