It’s Membership Month!

As someone who knows firsthand the strength and leadership, we have within Federally Employed Women (FEW), I always look forward to celebrating Membership Month.  It’s our anniversary!

Each April, FEW acknowledges our greatest asset – our members.  As we celebrate 53 years of purpose, ambition and vision, we recognize the support of each member which has led us through another year of working for the advancement of women.  The past year had its challenges, yet we have shown ourselves adaptable and strong.  FEW continues to ascend to higher ground and reach across our communities and across nationalities, ethnicities, religious, and political divisions to unite people of all backgrounds and help improve the status of women in our workplace and homes.

Our leaders have shown their resilience, agility and the ability to pivot during towards the fulfillment of our mission.  The National Board of Directors and I are so overwhelmed with joy for each member we see representing our purpose and working to keep FEW “Soaring to New Heights” in the lives of millions of others.  You have navigated through difficult times and shown the enduring strength of what it means to be a member of FEW.   

As National President, I hear each day of our success stories, and that’s why I want to introduce another one. FEW commissioned an artist to capture the essence of being a member of FEW. Everything in this commissioned painting is purposeful and meant to represent Federally Employed Women (FEW). From the synergy of the women (muses), their backgrounds, strengths; all the way down to the pose which represents the completion of the circle just like the one that protects your scale. 

I am proud to announce the release of a commissioned print and a national fundraiser for FEW which represents our diversity, our unity and the bonding circle of friendship and support you will receive from FEW.  This fundraiser is for a limited time and on a first come, first served basis.  The cost is $40 however, we also have a limited number signed prints by the artist, Lisa Jones for $20 more.

Medium-acrylic, chalk and pencil on wood board

The Muses-a closer look

  • Seen are a combination of moms, executives, federal employees and business owners all committed to giving back to the community
  • Jamaican born Erica Rowe is a strong leader, innovator who is known for her positive outlook and affirmations. She’s charismatic, motivating and a force to reckon with at all times.
  • Spiritual, strong, disciplined, and creatively gifted is business owner Amy Crescimanno-Word. Italian from the father’s side and mom is German and Scottish.
  • In awe of Gazal Modhera, a fearlessness philanthropist who speaks the truth for the good of others as she fights for Diversity in the federal workplace and issues facing women as a senior attorney in the OFO at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 
  • Half Native American business owner Monica Archondo is the strong, straight forward and unapologetic one who has the ability to be good at anything she tries. I refer to her as the searcher who wears many hats.
  • The Caucasian of the group and business executive Erin Masters is the quiet one who gives whole heartedly and if in need she’s there without blinking. She leads with her heart.
  • Born in Thailand Chantharaphon (Gift from the moon) Gift Wyatt mom is from Thailand and father of Irish German descent. Pure hearted and a giving soul is how I describe this amazing individual. This philanthropist leads quietly and then walks away. 

Again, my sincerest thank you to all those who serve along side of me and to the entire FEW membership for “Soaring to New Heights”.  Your investment into FEW not only benefits you, but every action taken helps advance the understanding of women’s roles, diversity, equality, goodwill, and peace for all.  Happy Anniversary FEW!

If you are interested in ordering a commemorative print please email