FEW Membership Month

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This is a very special month for Federally Employed Women.  It’s our 52nd year anniversary and FEW is still advancing our mission beyond the old-time standard barriers for women.  We are fabulously energized women who have advanced our national standing through our diverse and significant contributions in all aspects of work and life. Each year in April, we celebrate our valuable economic, political, cultural, and social achievements because of the pioneers and unsung heroes within the FEW organization and we invite you to encourages others to join us.

FEW has a long history of setting a tone for the advancement of women and creating a climate of equity, diversity and inclusion in the federal government. That is why I am so excited to share with you our 2019 Annual Report.   Please take the time to read the FEW’s major achievements throughout the years; then most important, be a part of the future as we soar to new heights.

April is membership month for FEW and we recognize that the unique circumstances around COVID-19 are having rippling effects on employee organization and our communities at large. Now more than ever, we want to offer support, encouragement, and ways to come together. That’s why it is important to share the many benefits to being a member of FEW.   FEW is a national organization that has an extensive network of 85+ local chapters found in most major U.S. cities. In addition, the National FEW offers:


  • Expansion of social and personal networks through our 85+ chapters.
  • Visibility and dialogue with private and corporate sponsors.
  • Access to hundreds of opportunities throughout the network throughout the United States.
  • A national newsletter providing news of FEW members and events.
  • Scholarships and special programs for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Life-time membership for one low rate
  • Information shared via our social media network and partners


We want you to feel limitless in what you can accomplish with FEW and we’ll continue to explore ways to make sure our membership is best serving you.  This month, I ask that we all do our part to share the many benefits to being a member with other.   We’ve got some exciting things on the horizon, like adding virtual training.  Our hope is that all of these new features and benefits will work together to provide the most comprehensive experience to keep you advancing forward and “Soaring to New Heights!”