National Election

Interested in running for office?
View the position descriptions for each elected position for FEW’s National Board (2016 – 2018).

The following positions are for elected officers on FEW National Board.  All position responsibilities are governed and defined within our National Bylaws and our National Policy and Procedures Manual (NPPM).  Interested candidates for any position must be a current or retired employees of the federal government and considered in good standing with FEW for at least the past three (3) consecutive years and throughout the entire term served in office.  Any candidate running for a national position must have held an elected or appointed office in a chapter, region or national for at least one (1) term.  Below are some (not all) duties for each position description:

    • President
      • voteThe President shall be the chief executive of the corporation and shall negotiate, review and monitor general administration and financial control of the affairs and business of the organization; and be the official spokesperson for FEW unless authority is delegated to another member.  The candidates for National President shall have served as a member of the National Board of Directors for at least the previous two (2) years.  The President shall be the final authority of day-to-day business on behalf of Federally Employed Women (FEW).  This person shall serve as keynote speaker for agency/community events and regional/chapter events, serve as presiding official at Executive Committee and National Board of Director’s meetings, conduct performance reviews for the National Board of Director’s, represent the organization on focus groups and special task forces, provide interviews and quotes to national print and media outlets, provide articles to the News and Views newsletter, signatory on all checks over 10K and oversee all aspects of the National Training Program to include; negotiating contracts, meeting with the planning team and hotel officials, approve expenditures, development of training sessions, agency forums and sponsors/partners request.
      • 2016-2018 National President Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Executive Vice President
      • The Executive Vice President shall assist the President and in the absence or inability of the President shall perform the duties of the President; shall manage and supervise the National Office.  The EVP is Chair of the Oversight of the National Office and serve on several committees such as the Investment Committee, the NTP Advisory Committee, and the Publications Policy and Review Committee.  The EVP also works with the Standing Committee Chairs as well as the Special Assistant to the President to ensure that we carry out the promises described in the mission statement and ensure that the organization is accountable for acting within the policies and bylaws governing the operations of the organization.
      • 2016-2018 Executive Vice President Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Vice President of Policy and Planning
      • The Vice President of Policy and Planning shall be responsible for maintaining the National Policy and Procedure Manual (NPPM) and shall oversee the organization Strategic Plan. This person shall reviews and recommends action to the NBOD on internal organizational policy and prepares and updates the National Policy and Procedures Manual (NPPM), as well as, coordinates all additions and changes to the NPPM, takes action to keep the NPPM updated as a result of actions approved by the EC and NBOD or to comply with changes to FEW National Bylaws.  This candidate prepares the motions for the NBOD and EC meetings and be responsible for preparing the Annual Report each year for our membership.
      • 2016-2018 Vice President of Policy and Planning Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Vice President of Congressional Relations
      • The Vice President of Congressional Relations shall be responsible for overseeing the  development of the National Legislative Agenda as well as managing information provided to and from the grassroots regions and chapter Legislative Chairs.  This person shall directs the information and duties of the Legislative Contractor – “Eye On Washington” and address all legislative requests identified by FEW members in concert with FEW’s national bi-annual Congressional Legislative Agenda. Legislative issues are conveyed through press releases, Advocacy Day events, National webpage, Congressional contacts, and other forms of written, verbal or electronic notifications.
      • 2016-2018 Vice President of Congressional Relations Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Vice President of Compliance
      • The Vice President of Compliance shall oversee, monitor and evaluate the National Compliance Program.  This person shall monitors the progression and evidence of adherence of all statutory civil rights protections including: the Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and Civil Rights Act of 1991 within all federal agencies.
      • 2016-2018 Vice President of Compliance Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Vice President of Diversity
      • The Vice President of Diversity shall improve diversity awareness, report and monitor the progression of the federal government diversity initiatives.  This person shall be responsible for building relationships of diversity with partners that address the concerns and goals of minorities and women along with FEW and our NCEPS partners. They shall oversee our chapters and regions diversity initiatives and provide insight and direction on executive legislation.
      • 2016-2018 Vice President of Diversity Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Vice President of Membership and Chapter Organization
      • The Vice President of Membership of Chapter Organizations shall develop strategies for recruiting and retaining , as well as, analyze all quarterly and fiscal reports involving membership.   This person shall oversee all expediting of Chapter and Regional membership data and the recruitment of new members and chapters.  This candidate shall process all chapters and regional request, respond to concerns, prepare motions, and above all prepare Lifetime and Diamond Lifetime applications to bring before the National Board of Director (NBOD).
      • 2016-2018 Vice President of Membership and Chapter Organization Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Vice President of Training
      • The Vice President of Training shall serve as an advisor in developing and maintaining the training programs for the NTPs and RTPs.   This person shall review credentials and biographical data on prospective trainers and support the organization by providing opportunities of training that ensure we meet our policies on the four focus areas as defined within the NPPM for training in regions and chapters. They shall coordinate, communicate. assist and monitor all training needs of the organization.
      • 2016-2018 Vice President of Training Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Secretary
      • The Secretary shall distribute notice of NBOD/EC meetings, request reports, finalize reports for meeting and have posted.  Develop the draft agenda and schedule for the meetings and post when final.  Make notebooks for the President, Executive VP and Secretary and mail to meeting site.  Record meeting and display reports during the meetings and record action items.  Draft minutes of meetings, send to Minutes Review Committee for approval, finalize and post to website. Assist President, Executive VP and board members as requested and be responsive to board members and FEW members’ questions.  Send out FEW Christmas Cards, get well and sympathy cards.
      • 2016-2018 Secretary Nominations Form  word-ICON

    • Treasurer
      • The Treasurer shall monitor all financial transactions performed by financial services personnel in accordance with the budget approved by the Board of Directors and provide financial reports as directed for submission to the membership.  The candidates for the position of Treasurer shall have a minimum of two years experience in some aspect of financial management (may include treasurer of an organization, budget work, analyst, bookkeeper, financial investments, business manager, forecasting, internal controls review, etc.).
      • 2016-2018 Treasurer Nominations Form  word-ICON

  • Nominations Officer
    • The National Officer shall oversee the nominations process and the collection and distribution of election information until officer are selected.   This person shall ensure the validity of the candidates and the election process and lead the appointed Nominations Committee of four.
    • 2016-2018 Nominations Officer Nominations Form  word-ICON

Committee Chairs are positions appointed by the incoming President.   All members in good standing and work with there local region and/or chapter are considered eligible.   If interested,  you should submit your name and resume to our Nominations Chair at for consideration.

  • Awards Chair
  • Bylaws Chair
  • Communication Chair
  • Scholarships Chair
  • Contracts Management Chair
  • Finance Chair
  • Publications and Policy Review Chair

Special Assistant’s to the President are also appointed positions by the incoming President.   All members considered in good standing and have worked with there local or region chapters are considered eligible.   If interested,  you should submit your name and resume to our Nominations Chair at for consideration.

  • Credential Chair
  • IT/Webmaster Chair
  • Sponsors/Partnership Chair
  • News and Views Editor
  • Special Assistant to Military Women
  • Employee Thrift Advisory Council
  • Special Assistant for Outreach
  • Special Assistant for Mentoring
  • Special Assistant for Women’s Health
  • Disabilities Chair
  • Special Assistant for Housing
  • National Parlimentarian


Thank you for your interest in FEW and serving on the National Board of Directors (NBOD).    You may contact Lucinda Wilson at if you have any questions or concerns.